Prairieview Math Classes Raising Funds for New Technology

Prairieview Math Classes Raising Funds for New Technology

Prairieview (PV) math teachers Virginia Davis and Jordan Edgerly, both in their second year at PV, are embarking on a campaign with their students to raise funds for the purchase of eight chromebooks for each classroom to use.

The opportunity to raise funds through was introduced to the math teachers by PV instructional coach Jill Kasperbauer. The students are raising money through Kahn Academy by learning how to code. Upon completing the coding program through Kahn Academy, students earn credits to use towards their project. Each teacher is hoping to raise $2,584.60 for their classroom. Parents and families can help by donating! “We appreciate any support in our quest to provide the best learning opportunities in our math classrooms. Having these technologies available transforms the possibilities for our students,” Davis commented.

Link to page: Technology To Increase Achievement In Mathematics

“There are so many things we can use technology for in the classroom but unfortunately, it is not easily accessible. As we shift from more procedural understanding to conceptual, the interactive software helps students make those deeper connections,” Davis said.

The math teachers like students to use technology such as Desmos, an online graphing software, and Geogebra, a dynamic software that makes connections between Algebra and Geometry. Students can use this free software at home but the teachers like to be present when students are learning through these programs. They hope to use more technology to help them differentiate their classrooms. If students want to work ahead or receive reteaching on a lesson, they could watch their video lessons that they provide for students.



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