Waukee Students Package 17,064 Meals After Hunger Banquet

On April 22, Waukee High School (WHS) held its 2nd annual Hunger Banquet. More than one hundred students participated in this event that focused on learning about the unequal distribution of wealth around the world.

Students learned about the causes of poverty in this simulation and were put into groups representing upper, middle and lower classes. Many students also experienced how life changes and people can move up or down a class based on elements that are out of their control.

During lunch, students in the lower class had a meal consisting of rice and water. Students in the middle class ate macaroni and cheese and bread and had water to drink. The upper class had a catered meal of bread, Caesar salad, fettucini alfredo with chicken, millionaire potatoes, scotcheroos and cake pops.

Many students in the lower class group flocked to the upper class to beg for food and tried to steal what they could, which are actions that truly represent the interactions of the poor and wealthy in close proximity. This year, a “jail” was created to catch anyone stealing. The “thieves” were confined for five minutes.

Following the meal, each group discussed their perspective involving this simulation. Many students understood how important it is for those that have everything they need to help contribute to those less fortunate. Others mentioned that when they were put in a lower class situation, desperation forced many actions they normally would not consider. All in all, students felt this was a great learning experience!

With over $1,000 raised, Meals from the Heartland brought enough supplies for students to package more than 17,000 meals during the meal packaging activity that followed the Hunger Banquet. At least fifty students participated in this portion of the day, which was led by the Best Buddies program at WHS.

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