Committee Members Review Draft Boundary Scenarios at Second Meeting

BC2Waukee Community School District Boundary Committee members got their first look at a draft boundary scenario on May 26. This was the second committee meeting in the process to redefine the District’s attendance boundaries and allow for a balanced feeder system.

RSP and Associates prepared the draft boundary scenario based on drawings and feedback received from the first meeting where committee members were asked to draw a draft of what they thought natural boundaries should look like.

Committee members were divided into four groups of six and asked to discuss initial thoughts and illustrate what they would like to see modified. Then each group was asked to answer four questions about boundaries:

  1. Is it preferable to allow a boundary to slightly go over its building capacity in order to keep its current boundary?
  2. What is your preference on the grades served by Vince Meyer?
  3. How important is it to keep your current complete feeder?
  4. Should the primary boundary lines focus on watersheds and/or arterial roads?

For the most part committee members’ answers were similar with majority agreeing that boundaries should not go over building capacity, feeder systems are important but can be different from the current system and boundaries shouldn’t cross major roadways. Responses for how Vince Meyer should be used varied person to person.

The meeting ended with a poll to help RSP and Associates evaluate what committee members were thinking and identify what changes are needed to better address the Board of Education Principles and Prioritized Boundary Criteria.

No boundary plan was decided at the meeting. The Comprehensive Boundary Process will include one more Board of Education meeting, four more committee meetings and one more public forum. The boundary process has a completion date of December 2015. The third committee meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on June 9 at Waukee District Office, 560 SE University Ave. While these meetings are open to observers, only committee members may participate in the meetings.

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