Waukee High School HyperStream Teams Place Well at IT Olympics

it olympics

Front row L-R: Maddie Ryan, Helen Lau, Vivian Le, Emma Hester, Alexia Stock, Katie Ryan, Nupur Udipi / Second row L-R: Megan Wadsworth, Anna Ruble, Zoie Green, Katie Ryan, Anna Shapiro, Logan Kinneer, Chris Wells, Sydney Ehlinger, Jacob Paisley, Sai Gugulothu, mentor Mr. Tyler Wright / Back row L-R: Justin Sindelar, Malia Griffin, Max Urban, Katie Amick, Hannah Hoth, Garret Crowley, Maddie Darveau, John Jago, Nick Lundstrom, Mentor Andrew Colosky, Matt Riley, Ethan Grote, Mentor Matt Poush, Alex Goodenow, Jackson Lewis, Ben Bizak, Felipe Leguizamo, Ani Manjunath, Sankalp Yamsani


Congratulations to the Waukee HyperStream students who participated in the IT Olympics competition! Thirty-five students participated on seven teams in four venues. These students trained all year and represented Waukee well in a grueling two-day competition with over forty-nine schools from across the state.

Sophomore Justin Sindelar, a member of the Multimedia Team, describes HyperStream as a club where students learn about technology and apply it to the real world. He has gained significant leadership and project management skills as a team leader in HyperStream.

“I am not a coder or technician. I love liberal arts and designing; it is my passion. The Multimedia Team is much more collaborative than some of the other groups. Talking to each other is vital to the project’s success, while other groups’ members are zoned into their computers and not talking amongst themselves. My favorite part is when people see our finished product because it is so much fun to watch their reactions,” Sindelar said.

His team’s project, “What Works Waukee,” placed 1st in the multimedia category at the IT Olympics. “What Works Waukee” is an online resource for teachers to gather inspiration and gain valuable student perspectives to create a better learning environment.

Senior Sai Gugulothu has been in Robotics club for three years and has enjoyed the teamwork aspect most, which he believes will be of a great benefit to his future. He discovered his interest in engineering in Mr. Kotz’s Introduction to Engineering Design class at Waukee High School (WHS). Kotz referred him to the club, which he has participated in ever since. Gugulothu plans on studying Engineering at Iowa State University in the fall.

“It was fun to compete at the IT Olympics because it did not really feel like a competition. We did not have much to live up to because this was the first year that our Robotics group competed at the IT Olympics. However, we did set a precedent, and I think that future teams will want to live up to that standard,” Gugulothu said.

The WHS HyperStream club would like to thank their mentors at John Deere ISG and Wells Fargo, as well as Tyler Wright, who teaches in the WHS technology department.

Cyber Defense

  • 9th Place: Anna Shapiro, Emma Hester, Ethan Grote, Katie Amick, Zoie Green, Logan Kinneer
  • 15th Place: Mathew Riley, John Jago, Nupur Udipi, Nick Lundstrum, Garrett Crowley, Helen Lau

Gaming and App Development

  • 2nd Place: Jacob Paisley, Sydney Ehlinger, Alexia Stock, Katie Ryan, Chris Wells, Suraj Karn

Multimedia Team

  • 1st Place: “What Works Waukee” team- Max Urban, Justin Sindelar, Hannah Hoth, Maddie Ryan, Malia Griffin
  • 2nd Place: “Stories of Waukee” team- Maddie Darveau, Katie Wang, Anna Ruble, Megan Wadsworth, Vivian Le


  • 1st Place: Jackson Lewis, Sai Gugulothu, Felip Leguizamo
  • Sankalp Yamsani , Ani Manjunath, Alex Goodenow, Ben Bizak
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