Board Candidate Webinar: 10 Tips for the School Board Candidate, June 22

Are you a candidate for the school board? Do you know someone who is? Learn about challenges and opportunities of school board membership.

  • What kind of change can a board member really make?
  • What kind of impact can a board make?
  • What kind of legal and policy restrictions and opportunities affect school board work?
  • What should the board expect from the superintendent?
  • What should the superintendent expect from the board?

This new webinar for board candidates answers these questions and offers suggestions and tips on school board work. Superintendents and current board members will also find this information useful and are welcome to attend.

Register today to join us for this free webinar on Monday, June 22, from 6-7 p.m.

For more information about this webinar, contact the Board Development Team at 1-800-795-4272, ext. 246 or by e-mailing

This webinar will be recorded and, along with the PowerPoint Presentation, be posted on the IASB website for easy 24/7 access.

For more information about school elections click here.

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