Boundary Committee Members Continue Planning for the Future at Third Meeting

Boundary Committee Meeting 3Waukee Community School District held the third Boundary Committee Meeting in the process to redefine the District’s attendance boundaries and allow for a balanced feeder system on June 9, 2015.

The meeting started with a “What Have You Heard” exercise that allowed committee members to talk about concerns and questions they’ve heard from members of their neighborhoods. Some of the main concerns echoing across the district focus on not wanting to be bused past multiple schools, not wanting to cross major roadways and a desire to have the lowest amount of students affected by the boundary change as possible.

Committee members agreed these were all valid concerns to consider while keeping the Board’s criteria as top priority. At the April 27 meeting, the Waukee Board of Education prioritized the top three criteria to be considered in the boundary process:

  1. Neighborhoods Intact (Defined as RSP planning areas)
  2. Projected Enrollment and Building Utilization (Balance enrollment with given building capacity constraints)
  3. Duration of Boundaries (Have them last as long as possible)

Two working drafts with projected attendance center enrollment data were presented, based on feedback from the second committee meeting. Members were asked to discuss their “likes” and “dislikes” of the two working draft maps and used markers to illustrate what they would like to see modified.

After a discussion on how the scenarios met the Board of Education’s guiding principles and prioritized boundary criteria, the majority did not like working draft #2 which seemed to create the most disruption to the current boundaries. Working draft #1 seemed to have an even amount of positives and negatives. Positives included all schools within capacity and the current boundary line for Walnut Hills remaining north of Meredith and the creek. On the negative side, draft #1 split neighborhoods on Douglas and left the committee with several neighborhood, new development and feeder system questions.

RSP noted that the committee may not be able to work on the details of the feeder system until decisions regarding the locations of upcoming facilities have been finalized. The site for the second high school has not been determined. The District and Board will be working over the summer to begin finalizing some of the location details for the second high school and potential elementary sites.

The meeting ended with a discussion about what additional information the committee would like to see from RSP and Associates. No boundary plan was decided at the meeting.

The Comprehensive Boundary Process will include one more Board of Education meeting, three more committee meetings and one more public forum. The boundary process has a target completion date of December 2015. The fourth committee meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on September 22 at Waukee District Office, 560 SE University Ave. While these meetings are open to observers, only committee members may participate in the meetings.


To download a PDF of the presentation click here.

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