City of Waukee Prepares for First Day of School Traffic

The Waukee Police and Public Works Departments, along with the Waukee Community School District, are excited for the start of the 2015-16 School Year on Monday, August 24. The road construction that existed near several schools last year is complete, easing traffic obstacles in those areas. However, officials are urging parents, students and all area residents to allow extra time for travel, to be patient and to pay close attention to their surroundings during the first couple weeks of school.

“Traffic is most congested during school drop-off and pick-up, especially in areas near Waukee Elementary and Waukee Middle School. We ask that parents and guardians do not park in the designated drop-off areas. Please complete drop-off or pick-up and move along,” Waukee Police Chief John Quinn said. “We run into back-up and dangerous illegal passing problems when people park in those areas.”

Quinn also notes that it is essential to never block the entrances to school parking lots. Emergency vehicles need to have access to the schools at all times.

One additional safety measure being put in place at Waukee Middle School is the introduction of a one-way road. The road on the south side of Waukee Middle School, located between the building and ball fields, will become a one-way road heading east. Public Works crews will place a barricade at the road’s entrance to block westbound traffic to ensure safe traffic routing.

The Waukee Police Department and Waukee Community School District believe that if everyone works together to correct these traffic issues, it will enhance the safety and welfare of the children, pedestrians and members of our community.

“Our number one priority is keeping everyone safe, and we need cooperation to do so,” Chief Quinn said.

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