Committee Recommends New Boundaries

Rob Schwarz with RSP & Associates presented the work and recommendation of the Comprehensive Boundary Committee to the Waukee Board of Education on November 9. More than 50 attended to voice their concerns, provide feedback and learn about the proposal that will redefine the District’s attendance boundaries.

The committee first met May 4, 2015, after a public forum was held on April 14 to gather input from community members. The Boundary Committee met a total of six times and held a second public forum on October 15.

75% of the committee members voted that Working Draft 1/Option B  would best meet the Board of Education’s guiding principles and prioritized boundary criteria. RSP & Associates incorporated the committee’s recommended changes to the Working Draft 1/Option B into the board proposal. The modifications to Working Draft 1/Option B include:

  • Area South of Hickman Road (Hwy 6) from Waukee Elementary moves to Grant Ragan Elementary
  • Southern area of current Waukee Elementary along Ute Ave. remains at Waukee Elementary

The recommended boundary changes if approved would impact 574 elementary students and 61 secondary students in grades 6-9.

The committee also asked that the Board consider the following:

  • Warrior Lane as a boundary through Glynn Village
  • Middle School Student Options
  • More communication to parents who live south of Hwy 6 that are shown to move from Waukee Elementary to Grant Ragan Elementary.

The recommendation was a discussion item, no action was taken at the meeting. The Board of Education will be asked to take action on boundary changes at the December 14, 2015, meeting.

Boundary Recommendation

Some of the reasoning for Working Draft 1/Option B include:

  1. Have attendance areas that visually make sense in relation to proximity to schools, neighborhoods and roads
  2. Continue to use the natural features to create the elementary attendance areas
  3. Try to address as many of the concerns brought up at the public forum
    • Keep all current areas of Woodland Hills North of I-80 at Woodland Hills
    • Eliminate more of the area having to make a feeder move
    • Reduce enrollment at Waukee ES

Some Pros of Working Draft 1/Option B

  • Decreases the number of students who change feeder pattern
  • Enrollment works for 3 school years
  • Follow Board of Education boundary criteria
  • Keep area north of I-80 at Woodland Hills


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