Construction Update: November 2015

Elementary #8 – Grant Ragan

A special election was held on February 4, 2014 for the sale of $18.9 million in general obligation bonds to fund construction of a new elementary school at the intersection of Dartmoor and Douglas Parkway in the city of Waukee and HVAC upgrades at Brookview Elementary School. The bond referendum passed with a 92% yes vote. The work is slated for a June 2016 completion date.

  • Exterior metal panel installation is approx. 75% complete.
  • All windows have been installed with the exception of the main entrance. Interior floor slabs are mostly complete.
  • Interior wall framing, drywall installation, painting and cabinet installation are all on-going.
  • MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing) rough-ins are ongoing along with ductwork and HVAC equipment installation.
  • Final grading of site is mostly complete, some areas have been seeded and landscaping installed.
  • District portion of Douglas Ave. paving is mostly complete.

Waukee WILC Facility

Waukee Community School District’s Board of Education approved the renaming of its innovative professional learning program (Waukee CAPS) to Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX). Also naming the new facility the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (WILC) and labeling the network of K-12, college and business opportunities as the Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) on June 8. Waukee APEX will be a part of the comprehensive educational experience provided for students at Waukee High School. Waukee APEX is not a second high school, trade school or vocational program. Waukee APEX will provide students with the opportunity to deeply explore professions of interest through a problem-based, inquiry learning method. For more information click here. The Waukee Board of Education approved the Waukee CAPS facility schematic design at the October 27, 2014 meeting. The work is slated for a June 2016 completion date.

  • Parking lot paving is mostly complete.
  • Structural steel erection is approximately 90% complete.
  • Roof deck installation is underway.
  • 2nd floor deck and slab are approx.. 50% complete.
  • Rough-ins for under-slab utilities are ongoing.

Bus Facility/Central Receiving

  • More progress made with the City regarding the sharing agreement, 28e and the land swap.
  • Design work continues the week of 11/9.

Second High School

  • Will be meeting with the City and members of the families on 11/6.
  • Appraisal information will be shared at this meeting as well.

High School – CCTV

  • We received 5 responses to our RFQ.
  • Review of all responses will take place on 11/5 and 11/6 with demonstrations/interviews starting the week of 11/9.

High School – Additional Parking

  • Need input from committee members and ultimately the entire Board with a recommendation on where/if the District should proceed with design, City approval and bidding for additional parking.
  • Two options currently on the table
    1. 90 spots along Park Rd. with the potential for an additional 45-50 if we partner with the City and pave the lot just east of the sand volleyball courts.
    2. 135 spots on the far east end of the practice fields just north of the high school.

Brookview HVAC Upgrade/Main Entry Reconfiguration

  • Board will be asked to Approve Final Acceptance – only a few punch-list items remain, less than a $1,000 worth of work. Spoken to the General Contractor and confident that all remaining work will be completed in the next week. (Action Item).

Eason Re-roof

  • Board will be asked to Approve Final Acceptance – all punch-list items have been completed. (Action Item)

Timberline – 2605 S.E. LA Grant Parkway, Waukee, IA 50263

  • Started to meet with individual contractors who have outstanding work in an attempt to try and expedite final completion.
  • The goal is bring Final Acceptance to the committee at the Dec. meeting.

Woodland Hills Elementary

  • After a meeting with dck corporate it appears they are open to settling for an amount that will allow the District to self-perform the remaining work and in-turn dck can walk away with no remaining responsibility.
  • The goal is to have an agreement that can be presented at the Dec. committee meeting.




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