Board Approves New Attendance Boundaries

The Waukee Board of Education approved new attendance boundaries on Monday, December 14. The changes will go into effect for the 2016-17 school year and will affect 597 of the District’s 9,366 students:

  • 128 students from Shuler Elementary, 113 from Waukee Elementary and 217 students from Walnut Hills Elementary will move to Grant Ragan Elementary.
  • 88 students from Maple Grove Elementary would move to Waukee Elementary.
  • 49 students from Woodland Hills Elementary would move to Brookview Elementary.
  • 2 students from Maple Grove Elementary would move to Woodland Hills Elementary.

The board also approved a student option in Glynn Village for current students in grades 5-8, because they are only changing secondary feeder systems and there is capacity at the buildings. Families who opt to use the student option will be responsible for transportation. Families who move into the neighborhood will have to attend the assigned attendance center and the student option will not be permitted.

The board was also asked for guidance on where open enrolled students should be placed next school year. The board agreed that open enrolled students at Walnut Hills should be moved to Grant Ragan for the 2016-17 school year. Currently there are 47 open enrolled students at Walnut Hills. District-wide there are 216 students open enrolled into the District and 462 students open enrolled OUT of the district

To view the new Waukee Community School District Attendance Boundaries click here.

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