Construction Update: February 2016

Elementary #8 – Grant Ragan

A special election was held on February 4, 2014 for the sale of $18.9 million in general obligation bonds to fund construction of a new elementary school at the intersection of Dartmoor and Douglas Parkway in the city of Waukee and HVAC upgrades at Brookview Elementary School. The bond referendum passed with a 92% yes vote. The work is slated for a June 2016 completion date.

  • Locker and kitchen equipment installation has begun.
  • Classroom carpet installation is ongoing along with casework.
  • Drywall work is mostly complete with painting, ceiling and lighting installation in various phases throughout the building.
  • MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing) rough-ins are ongoing along with ductwork and HVAC equipment installation.
  • Exterior building work is mostly complete with the exception of the Trespa panels at the entries.

Waukee WILC Facility

Waukee Community School District’s Board of Education approved the renaming of its innovative professional learning program (Waukee CAPS) to Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX). Also naming the new facility the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (WILC) and labeling the network of K-12, college and business opportunities as the Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) on June 8. Waukee APEX will be a part of the comprehensive educational experience provided for students at Waukee High School. Waukee APEX is not a second high school, trade school or vocational program. Waukee APEX will provide students with the opportunity to deeply explore professions of interest through a problem-based, inquiry learning method. For more information click here. The Waukee Board of Education approved the Waukee CAPS facility schematic design at the October 27, 2014 meeting. The work is slated for a June 2016 completion date.

  • Natural gas and electric service are in place.
  • Structural steel work is complete with exterior metal stud framing at approx.. 70% with metal panel and window installation following. 
  • Roof is approx.. 50% complete with 1st floor slab pouring on-going.
  • Board will be asked to approve Change Order #3 $44,458.16 (add), 12 items – a combination of owner and Fire Dept. requests along with plan omissions and design changes.  (Action Item).

Bus Facility/Central Receiving

  • P&Z and City Council approvals are complete. Design work is mostly complete; only remaining work are finishing touches to fueling station to incorporate City requirements.
  • On schedule to bid in March.

Second High School

  • ‘Handshake’ agreement with families on cost per acre.
  • Next steps involve agreement on payment terms with landowners and continued work on initial site plan for City and District approval.
  • More information about the location will be released once the agreement has been finalized by the Board.
  • Conversation started about architect selection.

High School – CCTV

  • Final documents (plans and specs) will be complete this month.
  • Next step is to meet with Mark Toland, Director of Technology and Shive-Hattery to finalize infrastructure layout of our internal network.
  • On schedule to bid in April.

High School – Additional Parking

  • Waiting on response from the City regarding the possibility of partnering on additional parking at Centennial Park.

Eason – Main Entry Reconfiguration

  • Bid date was February 3rd at 2:00.
  • Board will be asked to approve DDVI as the the low bidder in the amount of $471,000. (Action Item)

Timberline – 2605 S.E. LA Grant Parkway, Waukee, IA 50263

  • Board will be asked to approve Change Order #5$9,700.00 (add), 5 items – a combination of City, Fire Dept. and State Elevator Inspector requests.  (Action Item).
  • Working with frk and Rochon to bring closeout to Committee in March.

Woodland Hills Elementary

  • DCK has agreed to a ‘settlement’ amount of $78,500, this will be deducted from the retainage amount of $122,00 with the remainder be paid to DCK.
  • Any remaining site-work/landscaping will be the responsibility of the District.
  • Board will be asked to Approve Change Order #6 – (deduct), 1 item – this is the final change order for release of retainage….balance of $122,000 will be dispersed as follows: $78,500 to the District and $43,500 paid to dck. (Action Item).  Approve Final Acceptance – with approval of C.O.#6 the Board will be asked to approve final acceptance so full release of retainage can take place. (Action Item)




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