Waukee High School Student, Sydney Papadopoulos-Franklin brings “A Day Without Hate” to Iowa

Event Details

School and community members are invited to attend the Day Without Hate event, a family friendly gathering that features motivational speakers and live music. The event seeks to create a sense of unity, hope and ultimately prevent violence in our schools.

  • Day: April 29
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. to midnight
  • Location: Valley Stadium
  • Tickets: Tickets are just $20 and attendees receive a free t-shirt. To buy tickets or learn more, visit http://www.daywithouthatedesmoines.com/
  • Dress: Attendees are encouraged to wear white.

Waukee High School senior Sydney Papadopoulos-Franklin first learned about “A Day Without Hate” while attending an intense leadership program in Denver, Colorado over the summer. Originally, the idea of “A Day Without Hate” was conceived after the tragedy at Virginia Tech in 2007. Students, teachers  and parents wore white, joining together to participate in fun activities in effort to end school violence. The movement was a huge success and quickly caught fire among students across the nation, turning into a concept now celebrated annually.

This moving story inspired Papadopoulos-Franklin to carry the concept to Iowa. She reached out to National Honor Society (NHS) presidents across the Des Moines metro area to see if any other schools would join her in the cause. Fortunately, students from Dowling Catholic High School, Valley High School and Grandview University agreed to participate, allowing the project to emass into something bigger than Papadopoulos-Franklin ever imagined.

Papadopoulos-Franklin is joined by Liam Jameson of Dowling Catholic High School, Zachary Walker of Grandview University, and Valley High School students Rylie Minks and Emma Avdic. Full bios of the entire team can be viewed here.

The event is family friendly and features bands After the Break, Radical Something and a surprise guest. A selection of guest speakers will also be in attendance: Josh Pavano, Adam Baca, Three Carpenter and Lauren Adams. Speaker bios can be viewed here.

“Our mission is to show the world what could happen when hate is discharged and the power of love becomes the strongest force on Earth– to focus on forgiving the past and accepting the future,”Papadopoulos-Franklin said.

Once a small cause with simple ideology, “A Day Without Hate” has evolved and expanded dramatically. Not only does the Day Without Hate Foundation continue to promote its primary purpose of ending school violence, but it delivers universal messages regarding unity, respect, diversity, hope and world peace.

“It is more than a day where we are nice to each other in the hallways; it is more than 24 hours where peace becomes our purpose. This is a day when we unite; when we become apart of something bigger than ourselves,” Papadopoulos-Franklin said.

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