Eason Flier 8/25/17


Here is a reminder about Eason’s procedures for student drop-off and pick-up by parents.  This procedure is clearly stated in the Handbook.  Parents who drop off and pick up their students may pull along the curb in the SOUTH LOT to do so.  Parents pulling along the curb must remain with their vehicles, as students will walk on the sidewalk to and from their parents’ vehicles as they enter or depart from school.  Parents choosing to park in the available parking spaces must use the crosswalk to accompany their child to and from their vehicle.  CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WALK THEMSELVES TO AND FROM THE PARKED VEHICLE.   Please do not form a double lane by the curb to pick up children.  This area must be reserved for parents exiting the south lot, and it is unsafe for children to walk in between the cars in the first lane.  These procedures have been put into place to increase the safety of your children.


Each year every elementary building in the Waukee School District holds a Curriculum Night.  During this evening, parents meet with classroom teachers to learn more about your child’s grade specific curriculum, classroom routines and expectations, as well as become better acquainted with your child’s classroom teacher.

Eason Elementary will host our Curriculum Night on Tuesday, August 29.

The following schedule will, hopefully, allow for parents to attend their child(ren)’s classroom meeting:

  • 6:00-6:30 pm – Kindergarten & First Grade presentations in each classroom
  • 6:30-7:00 -pm – Related Arts Presentation in the Eason Gym
  • 7:00-7:30 pm – Second & Third Grade presentations in each classroom
  • 7:30-8:00 pm – Fourth & Fifth Grade presentations in each classroom

These meetings are for PARENTS/GUARDIANS ONLY and we ask that students and siblings do not attend.  Thank you, in advance, for attending Curriculum Night on August 29.


If your child must leave during the day due to an appointment, because he or she is ill, or for any other reason, please come to the office and sign him/her out.  Office staff will call down to your child’ s room and have him/her come to the office to meet you.  If your child comes back to school following an appointment, you must stop by the office to sign him/her back in and the student will receive a pass before returning to his/her classroom.  These safety and bookkeeping procedures will ensure an accurate accounting of each of our students.

All visitors, including parents, must check in at the office upon your arrival.  The Waukee district now uses the Raptor system to screen visitors, so the first time you visit you will need to bring your driver’s license to the secretary and get entered in the system.  Each time you visit after that, you just need to provide the secretary with your last name, and she can pull you up in the system.  When visiting, you will receive a visitor sticker with your picture on it, which we ask that you wear at all times during your visit with us.  We also request that you return your sticker when you leave.  If staff members see any adult in our building who is not wearing a sticker and is not a school employee, the staff member will ask them to return to the office and check in.  The only exception to this is from 3:30 – 3:40 p.m. as parents sometimes step in the building to pick up their children.  These measures help us monitor who is in the building in order to ensure the safety and protection of all of our students.  We thank you for your cooperation in this most important manner!

New Staff

We are happy to welcome the following new staff members to Eason this year.  Join me in welcoming Rita Roberts (Art teacher), Andi Hallman and Laurie Plowman (Special Ed associates), Ashleigh Wright (Kindergarten teacher), Mandi Burkley (4th Grade teacher), Megan Tuttle (ELP teacher), Roni Connors and Charles Crenshaw (lunch/recess associates), and Laura McNatt (Nurse).  Please welcome these new faces when you see them in the halls.  We are glad they have joined the Eason family!


Eason Elementary will have picture day on Tuesday, 8/29.  All students will be photographed for their permanent record and PowerSchool.  If you wish to order prints, you may do so online at mylifetouch.com.  Eason’s picture ID# is BN807510Q0 (that ends zero, Q, zero).  This ID will get you into Eason’s orders and you will be able to order the packet of your choice.  If you do not have internet access, please have your student stop by the front office to pick up a picture order packet.

Hearing Tests

Heartland AEA 11 will conduct its annual Hearing Conservation program during the upcoming school year.  Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will receive a hearing screening.  Students who do not pass this screening will receive a repeat screening and may receive individual hearing tests by the audiologist and consultation with school personnel. Parents will be notified about the results of the hearing test if their child does not pass the test. This is a screening process only, and does not identify all hearing or ear problems. If your child has had hearing or ear problems recently, feel free to send this information to the school nurse for the audiologist. If you do not want your child to participate in the screening program and follow-up assessments by the school audiologist this year, please notify the school. If there are any questions about the hearing testing program in your school, please contact your school nurse or principal.

Box Tops for Education

One of the easiest ways to earn money for our school is through the BoxTops for Education program. BoxTops can be returned to school anytime throughout the year to your child’s teacher or placed in the red treasure chest in the office.

A couple of simple things that are helpful when collecting BoxTops are:

1. Check that the expiration date is still valid. Expired BoxTops will not be accepted.

2. Please cut around the dotted line of the BoxTop being careful not to cut any writing on the BoxTop. The BoxTop code and expiration must be intact for it to be accepted.

Please take the time to visit the BoxTops for Education website to learn more about ways to earn money for Eason Elementary such as bonus offers, online sweepstakes and in-store promotions at: http://www.boxtops4education.com.

You may also download their app in the App Store or on Google Play for an easy way to buy products, scan your receipt and earn boxtops!

Thank you for taking the time to collect and return BoxTops! Last year Eason Elementary earned $1226.60 from the program. If you have any questions please free to contact me by email.

Jenn Carroll, adam_jenn_carroll@hotmail.com
BoxTops Coordinator

Health Office Headlines

Hello Eason families!  As the 2017-2018 school year kicks off, I would just like to remind you of some of the district policies that exist to help keep our students healthy.

1)  If your child experiences vomiting, diarrhea or a fever greater than 100 degrees, they will be sent home and should remain home until they are symptom-free for 24 hours.  Other reasons a child may be sent home include unexplained abdominal pain, severe cold/cough, redness/discharge from eyes, unexplained rash, or communicable disease.  These policies are to ensure that our students remain healthy and can perform at their most optimal level while at school.

2)  If your child requires the administration of a medication while at school, including over-the- counter medications (cough/cold medicine, cough drops, ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.), a medication request form needs to be completed and signed by the parent.  You may print off the form or pick one up in the Health Office.   This provides information regarding the frequency, dose and indications for the administration of the medication.   The medication and form will be kept in the Health Office.

3.) If your child has seizures or require any type of emergency medication (epi-pens/inhalers) to be kept at school I will need to have the medication as well as the coresponding paperwork filled out by the doctor. Reach out to me and I will get you a form to have filled out.

4.)   Please visit and subscribe to the Waukee School District Health Blog  This blog site is maintained by WCSD nurses with the purpose of informing parents/guardians about important health-related issues in our schools.   The blog site will host health alerts and information about head lice, whooping cough and other communicable diseases. As the school year progresses, more important health-related information will be added to this site.

We are looking forward to a great year at Eason!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Laura McNatt, Health Associate
515-987-5200, ext. 5122


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Waukee, Iowa 50263
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