Elizabeth Schupp receives IWLA Teacher of Promise Award


Elizabeth Schupp

Timberline German teacher Elizabeth Schupp received the Michael Oates Teacher of Promise Award for the 2017 school year at the Iowa World Language Association(IWLA) Conference. Schupp met the standards and requirements for the award by displaying professionalism, passion, and intelligence through her teaching style.

Michael Oates, who was the president of the IWLA from 1986-1988, was described as an incredibly caring and inspiring to each and every one of his students and the IWLA awards this honor to teachers who reflect the same characteristics.

The award is given to young teachers who show potential and who continually inspire their students to enrich themselves in the languages of other countries. For Schupp, who studied abroad in Austria, taught students English in Spain, and traveled to several different parts of Germany, educating her students about her own experience creates an engaging style of learning. Along with an honorary plaque, Schupp will receive a $100 grant to spend on classroom materials.

Her attempts to impact her students have not gone unnoticed. Her fellow coworkers mentioned to the IWLA committee that the students have started referring to their other teachers as “Frau” or “Herr” instead of “Mrs” or “Mr.” The IWLA hopes to someday have students speak proficiently in these languages, and Schupp displays that by having her students integrate German-speaking outside the classroom and in their everyday activities. Schupp follows in the footsteps of 2015 Teacher of Promise Awardee Waukee German teacher Loni O’Grady.

“I hope to have a long career growing strong language programs and impacting students’ lives,” said Schupp when accepting the award.

Schupp’s award is sponsored by the Iowa World Language Association, who represent 1200 world languages from all across the world and encourage Iowa educators to teach their students about these languages and cultures. Furthermore, the more than 50-year-old organization is entirely inclusive of all world language educators whether they participate in their organization events or not. The IWLA encourage teachers to apply their five C’s when teaching word language: Communication, Culture, Connection, Comparison and Communities. To learn more, visit www.iwla.net.

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