District Receives $6,500 Grant from Drew’s Crew for the Kids

Counselors were surprised with a $6,500 grant from Drew’s Crew for the Kids. Each of the district’s 13 schools received $500 to support students in their buildings.

“There are a lot of special events and activities that occur during the school day for which kids may need to bring or buy something in order to participate. While many of these things may seem minor, for many students, not being able to participate is another reminder of being different,” said Lara Plaisances, president of Drew’s Crew. “We chose to present his grant to the district to ensure that all students are able to participate in these types of activities.”

This grant is another example of why Drew’s Crew for the Kids continues to be a valued partner for the district. This summer Drew’s Crew partnered with the district to provide board games and outdoor activities for all five of the district’s Picnic and Play locations.

Research has shown that participation in enrichment activities leads to better grades, better self-esteem, less criminal activity, better job opportunities and more economic success as an adult. The group of kids Drew’s Crew serves is a group that many Waukee residents do not even know exists.


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