The Waukee Community School District Music Program provides educational opportunities that allow students to demonstrate mastery of musical skills. Productivity, accountability, creativity, collaboration, self-expression, self-discipline and pride in excellence are necessary.

Music education is a discipline and a structured field of study with its own body of knowledge, skills, and way of thinking. It is historically significant and reflects the multicultural heritage of mankind. Music exalts the human spirit through its aesthetic values and enhances the quality of life. It involves a coexistence of behaviors that promote higher order thinking skills and life-long learning.


Music Repertoire Statement

Literature for each of our ensembles is carefully chosen. It is the belief of the WCSD Music Department that students are to be exposed to a wide variety of literature. The instructor determines music selection based upon availability, quality, educational value, and suitability for healthy vocal/instrumental development. It is not the intent of this department to persuade student views with opposing beliefs or ideas that a musical selection’s text or subject matter may present. Rather, we desire to familiarize students with a quality repertoire that will give them a better historical and global perspective as well as to make them conversant with musical aesthetics. It is our goal to give students a broad perspective of numerous composers and musical styles.


Music Offerings