Students may begin their elective Band experience in 5th grade.


Band Department Philosophy Statement

The Waukee Band Program provides all students with opportunities to develop lifelong appreciation of music, take ownership over their own accomplishments, and contribute to something larger than themselves.


Standards, Benchmarks, Objectives (SBO)

Curriculum review work, including a move to formally adopt the National Coalition of Core Arts Standards, was completed by members of the Band Department in the spring semester of the 2021-22 school year.

The National Coalition of Core Arts Standards were revised in 2014, the first revision to national arts standards in 20 years. The NCCA is an umbrella organization that created standards for Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre; each of these sets of standards were adopted by the State of Iowa in 2017. The Waukee Band Department adopted the “Music: Traditional and Emerging Ensembles” strand. These standards divide the musical experience into four components: Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting. All four components are reflected in the curricular Band experience at all grade levels beginning in 5th grade.

The high school Band experience uniquely intersects with Marching Band in its first term. The Band teaching staff chose to write additional objectives specific to marching and drill so that curriculum reflects all aspects of the Marching and Concert Band experience. The course “Foundations of Individual Musicianship” is available to high school students who are seeking additional individual instruction beyond the scope of large-ensemble Band.


Waukee 5th-12th Band Standards, Benchmarks, and Objectives


Elementary & Middle Level (Grades 5-9) Courses


High School (Grades 10-12) Courses