Year End 2020

As our school year comes to a close today, I want to say two simple words, thank you. Thank you for your compassion, adaptability, and support throughout my first year as your superintendent. It has been and remains an honor to serve each of you in this role. It has been a year filled with joy, love, some uncertainty, and most of all resilience. So, once again, thank you.
Our team is working hard on the Return to Learn plan and we will be sharing that with you as it comes together. It will include the ways we will return to our learning environment safely, as well as ways in which it may look different. Please know our first desire is to return to school in the physical buildings. At the same time, know that we are working on hybrid models for student engagement, as well as a required, continuous learning model in case that becomes necessary in the coming months.
Enjoy your summer, enjoy your time with your loved ones, and we will see you again very soon.