School-to-Work Celebrates the Year with Recognition Ceremony

The 2020-2021 year is coming to a close, and there is much to celebrate–especially for our School-to-Work program at Waukee High School.

In an end-of-the-year recognition ceremony at the Waukee Innovation & Learning Center, students had the opportunity to share about their School-to-Work internships. Many different career fields were represented throughout all of the student internships–from healthcare to engineering, to marketing, agriculture, and finance. As part of the ceremony, students recognized their internship business/organization and thanked their supervisors for all they had learned during the experience to prepare for their future ahead. Many of the students will even be continuing at their internships this summer after they graduate.


School-to-Work is an internship program for seniors that places emphasis on professional skills and adding value to business partners. In the fall, students prepare by taking a career development course. During the spring semester, they work exclusively at one employer for two blocks per day.

The program is available for students in 12th grade who have completed the application process and meet specific academic and attendance criteria. Those selected are placed in an internship that closely aligns with their future career interests. For more information about the School-to-Work program, click here. For questions about the program or becoming a business partner, please reach out to Mindi Heitland or Scott Carlson.

Congratulations to the School-to-Work Class of 2021 for all of their hard work this past year, especially amidst a pandemic requiring so much adaptability and innovation. You should be so proud of all you have accomplished!

To the businesses and organizations that partner with School-to-Work to provide internships, we sincerely could not do this without you. Thank you for your partnership and all you do to help our students be successful!

School-to-Work Class of 2021

Lindsay Akason – Pharmacy

Seila Advic – Scientific Research

Maya Badeaux – Nursing

Connor Barry – Data Analytics

Will Barry – Accounting

Lucas Bartachek – Sports Marketing

Nick Bianchi – Legal

Callie Borst – Event Management

Cameron Borst – Mechanical Engineering

Kiara Briggs – Nursing

Will Broberg – Accounting

Ben Brooks – Ministry

Maia Baumgardner – Veterinary

Alexis Burkle – Social Work

Xyola Busch – Information Technology

Aidan Buske – Ministry

Claire Butterbaugh – Communications/Marketing

Grace Carlson – Healthcare Administration

Lynnsey Dickson – Physical Therapy

Katie Dinnebier – Physical Therapy

Emily Durbala – Environmental Science

Camille Eastvold – Human Resources

Will Ecklund – Finance

Megan Earney – Chiropractic Medicine

Paige Fahrenkrug – Human Resources

Sami Felt – Pharmacy

Lucas Gardner – Engineering

Will Gearhart – Physical Therapy

Dane Hansen – Ministry

Brayden Harder – Politics/Communications

Jenna Harris – Pharmacy

Jakob Holcomb – Sports Management

Nathan Holstrom – Accounting

Hayden Hoxmeier – Communications

Natalie Hunt – Veterinary

Katelin Hunt – Nutrition

Areej Iqbal – Dentistry

James Joseph – Information Technology

Kori Knox – Behavioral Therapy

Tatum Koch – Communications

Wren Kocher – Video Production

Luke Lynch – Agronomy

Lansing Lyon – Metal Fabrication

Braden Menz – Optometry

Jordan Miller – Communications

Madison Muhlbauer – Video Production

Bill Mukhtar – Human Resources

Grace Officer – Human Services

Lorelai O’Hara – Graphic Design

Caleb Paulus – Veterinary

Ella Pedersen – Accounting

Anna Philbin – Animal Science

McKenna Roering – Social Work

Olivia Rubsam – Social Work

Brittney Saina – Pharmacy

Alexa Sammler – Legal

Elle Samples – Data Analytics

Luke Seiler – Medical

Carter Smith – Information Technology

Connor Soethout – Sports Information

Riley Stevenson – Orthodontics

Skylar Stock – Pharmacy

Emma Sullivan – Pharmacy

Sarah Van Bell – Optometry

Lydia Tobin – Communications/Marketing

Heidi Wheeler – Politics/Communications

Nick Whitsell – Construction

Eve Wiltse – Accounting

Kynzi Winger – Human Services