“I Failed Retirement” – Myrittis Yontz Continues a Career in the Classroom

Myrittis Yontz has dedicated her life to teaching.

“Well over 40 years,” she says.

When you love something this much, it’s impossible to say goodbye.

“I retired 16 years ago, but failed retirement and I have been subbing ever since,” says Yontz. 

It’s tough to say goodbye to something you are passionate about.

“I love teaching school and I love being with kids,” she says.

After a stop in Adel, Myrittis has been subbing in Waukee for more than a decade.

“I go by Mrs Yontz, but a lot of the kids call me Mrs. Y, because Yontz is sort of hard,” she jokes.

We caught up with Mrs. Yontz after a stop in second grade at Maple Grove. History is the topic of her visit and that’s her favorite subject. 

“I feel it’s important that they realize how life was at all periods of time in history.”

Colleagues will tell you that Mrs. Yontz always has an incredible story to share. We are just lucky she’s shared her passion for education with us. 

“There’s going to be changes, you adjust to it, you work your personality around it,” Yontz says.  “The kids can sense if you really enjoy being with them.”

As far as Mrs Y’s future in the classroom, thats TBD for now.

“No one said there was an age limit when you have to stop,” Yontz says. “I just enjoy coming here and being with the kids.”