Lunch/Meal Reminders for the Start of the School Year

Here’s your one-stop shop for all your Waukee CSD Nutrition Department reminders you need to ensure your family starts the school year without a hitch (or a grumbling stomach).

Elementary Lunchroom Procedures

Your student will enter their District-issued student number at the cash register via a secured keypad. Lunch clerks will look up a student’s number if they forget. Please practice with younger children using a copy of a keypad, pictured below, before the school year begins to help them memorize their student numbers.

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Secondary Lunchroom Procedures

The SchoolCafe app offers access to menus and touchless transactions in secondary buildings. You can set up an account with students who have smartphones. Nutrition staff will scan a barcode in their app in the checkout line at the cafeteria.

Due to federal regulation, students 13 and under cannot create an online account. In that case, parents can create an account and add their student(s). The student can access their barcode if the parent shares their sign-in information. Otherwise, the parent can screenshot the barcode and send it to their student to save to their camera roll.

If your student does not have a smart device, they will be able to enter their student number on the pin pad, or they can tell the cashier their number and the cashier can enter it.

Negative Balance Policy Code No. 701.5

In accordance with state and federal law, the Waukee Community School District adopts the following policy to ensure school district employees, families, and students have a shared understanding of expectations regarding meal charges. The policy seeks to allow students to receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day, prevent the overt identification of students with insufficient funds to pay for school meals, and maintain the financial integrity of the nonprofit school nutrition program.

No child will be denied a reimbursable meal. Ala carte items are not part of the USDA program and are not allowed to be charged or purchased if a student has a negative balance.

Important Nutrition Information & Links

Meal Prices and Menus
Deposit Money for Meals in RevTrak  ***You can set up low/negative balance email alerts & text messages
SchoolCafe for Secondary Students  ***You can set up low/negative balance email alerts & text messages
Order Classroom Treats
Special Diet Accommodations ***Special diet accommodation forms must be turned in by Tuesday, August 8.
Free and Reduced Application ***Student ID number is required.