Waukee Schools received the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting award for the fiscal year ending 2015.

Crisis Planning

Schools are safe environments, but violence or any other type of emergency and/or crisis situation can happen anytime and anywhere.  Our Emergency Planning process is focused around three central foundational principles, Readiness, Response and Recovery.

The READINESS component includes:

  • Analyzing our facilities for safety, security, equipment capabilities and other areas of operational and functional ability.
  • Research and preplanning to determine the most probable scenarios that could adversely affect our staff and the community we serve.
  • Training for our staff members so they can act as a team to mitigate a threat or minimize the impact to our children when a natural or man-made disaster occurs.
  • Constant vigilance to make necessary changes when protocols or actions need to be modified.

   The RESPONSE component includes:

  • Recognizing an emergency or disaster early and communicating initial actions to co-workers, students and parents.
  • Early notification of Public Safety when appropriate (911, Police, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff)
  • Staff implementing actions that follow a predetermined plan to mitigate a threat or minimize the impact to our students when a natural or man-made disaster occurs.
  • Staff working seamlessly with Public Safety officers when they arrive to maximize positive outcomes.

   The RECOVERY component includes:

  • Having predetermined programs in place to provide counseling services to staff, students and parents when a situation and/or need arises.
  • Having the ability to continue operations or the capacity to restore basic services quickly and effectively.
  • Maintaining a fiscally sound and financially conservative business model so the organization has a “rainy-day” funding mechanism.
  • Utilize “hot-wash” methodology (immediate review of the response to the situation), so we can continue to reinforce the readiness process.

An Emergency Reference Guide was developed to assist the Waukee Community School District (WCSD) staff with preparation, communication and education.  This guide is available to all staff members at each facility and provides a step-by-step procedure to follow for most of the predictable scenarios our school district may experience.

Critical Steps for Effective Emergency Management

  1. Assess the situation.
  2. Call 911 or other emergency numbers as appropriate.
  3. Secure the building for the safety of students and staff.  Take initial actions as provided by the Emergency Reference Guide.
  4. Notify the Superintendent and other appropriate personnel.
  5. Refer media inquiries to the Communications Coordinator at (515) 987-5161 (Ext. 4545).
  6. Notify families of the students and/or people involved.
  7. Mobilize the building and/or district Crisis Management Team.
  8. Keep a log of all activity.


Internal Direct Response to Emergency Situations – Communications are established between all sites of the WCSD, the District Office and the appropriate Public Safety agencies.  Because of the geographical make-up of the Waukee Community School District, there are several Public safety entities involved, depending on the precise location of the situations or event.  These agencies are:

  • Waukee Police and Fire Departments
    • West Des Moines and Clive Police and Fire Departments.
    • Urbandale Police and Fire Departments.
    • Dallas County Sherriff and Emergency Management
    • Iowa State Patrol

External Direct Response – School/Community Relations personnel will communicate information and procedures to the public in the event of an emergency situation involving a district site. Things that may be communicated include:

  • Emergency situation information
  • Dismissal procedures
  • Family unification procedures

If school must be canceled or dismissed early due to weather conditions or other emergencies, an announcement will be made through SchoolMessenger, WCSD website, area television and radio stations and other media sources (twitter, blogs, etc.).  For more information about SchoolMessenger click here.

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