1,493 new students entered Waukee Schools for the 2015-16 school year. 624 are grade 1 and above.

8-12 Assessment and Scoring

The following explanations and definitions will assist students & parents in understanding the report of progress system and beliefs for Waukee students in grades 8-12:

Student Achievement

Student achievement is individual progress toward goals, centered on developing academic, emotional, and social skills, which results in confidence to take risks for ongoing growth.

Guiding Principles

    • Differentiation of instruction and assessment is necessary for students to grow and progress.
    • Multiple data points are used to determine the summative grade.
    • Course grades accurately communicate only academic achievement of the standards.
    • Independent practice is meaningful, purposeful, and tied to standards.
    • Students are given multiple opportunities to show proficiency through ongoing assessment.

Scoring Codes

Each indicator shows progress towards each specific learning targets for each course.

EE (100%): Exceeds: Student demonstrates above grade level understanding for the targeted skill or concept.
SC (97%): Secure – Student can apply the skill or concept correctly and independently.
DV (80%): Developing – Student shows some understanding. Reminders, hints, and suggestions are needed to promote understanding.
BG (60%): Beginning – Student shows little understanding of the concept. Additional teacher support is needed.

Proficiency (secure & exceeds): Students have shown this when they demonstrate a thorough understanding as evidenced by doing something substantive with the content beyond merely echoing it. Anyone can repeat information; it’s the proficient student who can break content into its component pieces, explain it through alternative perspectives and use it purposefully in new situations.

Vision for College & Career Readiness (CCRS)

Waukee Community School District’s vision is to create students who are college and career ready by demonstrating the necessary knowledge and skills (1) for successful transition to postsecondary education and/or (2) for other career preparation pathways as demonstrated by student-generated evidence.

Key Commitments to Living the Vision:

  • Involve students in self-assessment and goal setting
  • Embed authentic opportunities and practice
  • Provide feedback for growth
  • Communicate progress in a variety of ways
  • Collaborate with the community

Progress on College and Career Readiness Standards can be viewed in Powerschool under the standards tab.


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