Waukee Schools received the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting award for the fiscal year ending 2015.

School Counseling

Philosophy Statement

Waukee students will become independent, successful adults who are prepared to make choices for a fulfilling future.

The major emphasis of the Waukee Community School District K-12 comprehensive program is to aid in the development of the whole child. This includes facilitating personal, social, academic, and career development in each student, so the individual becomes an independent, successful adult. The program serves all students as an integral part of the educational process through a collaborative effort among students, staff, family, and community. It is developmentally appropriate, driven by data, preventative and responsive in nature, and varied in delivery.


The Waukee school counselors reviewed the standards, benchmarks, and objectives during the 2011-2012 school year. The SBOs were aligned with national standards and revised to ensure a well articulated school counseling curriculum. They were presented to the board for approval in the spring of 2012.

SBOs Overview Document

Standards, Benchmarks, Objectives

ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors

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Academic Development Domain
Careers Development Domain
Personal/Social Domain

Resources for Parents

The Waukee school counselors are developing a collection of resources for bullying prevention. The following resources were shared with Waukee from Heartland AEA 11. As we continue to build and refine our practices around bullying prevention, we will clarify and add to these resources for you to access.

Bullying Is…(English)
Bullying is…(Spanish)

Bullying is…(Bosnian)

Bullying Resources for Parents and Families

What a School Official Cannot Tell You

Cyber bullying Action Steps

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