Waukee High School has had 17 National Merit Finalists since 2010.

Student Services

Student Services are driven by various state and/or federal regulations, which require our district to provide programs and services to learners with diverse needs.  Waukee offers a comprehensive network of services to students who require a different approach to teaching and learning or who have any type of special needs in regard to their education. The District is committed to serving these students through support within regular classrooms as well as specific individualized services outside of the general education classrooms. The various areas of student services include ESL (English as a Second Language), Special Education, ELP (Extended Learning Program), 504 Accommodation Plans, At-risk Programming, Preschool Services, and Homeless Services.

Contact Information

Phone: 515-987-5161
Fax: 515-987-2701
Title Email Extension
Director of Student Services Peg Erke 5104
Assistant Director of Student Services Lindsay Marron
Director of Instructional Services Stacie De Haan 2019
Student Services Administrative Assistant Sharon Link 4571
Special Education Strategist Kelli Palcic 4515
Special Education Strategist Kayla Amelon 2279
Special Education Strategist Amy Hayes 2105
Special Education Strategist Annie Miller 6079
Extended Learning Program
Brookview Elementary Kate Mead 7412
Eason Elementary Megan Tuttle 5306
Maple Grove Elementary Frankie DeMouth 6131
Grant Ragan Elementary Kayla Weier
Shuler Elementary Jenna Swain 6353
Walnut Hills Elementary Kelli McClurg 6047
Waukee Elementary Suzanne Myers-Laird 6348
Woodland Hills Elementary Jenni Newton 6356
Waukee Middle School Susan Wouters
South Middle School Karlee McKibban
Timberline and Prairieview Brea Burrack
Waukee High School Vicki McCarthy
English as a Second Language
Brookview Elementary Alisha Parmerlee 2044
Brookview Elementary Janeal Lyons
Maple Grove Elementary Trina Graen 6528
Maple Grove Elementary Jeanette Barnes 6534
Grant Ragan Elementary Trish Casler 6600
Shuler Elementary Trish Casler 6600
Waukee Elementary Lisa Rutz 6374
Woodland Hills Elementary Brittany Ruba 2052


560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701