Raptor FAQs

The Raptor visitor management system will enable each school building to screen all visitors against sexual offender registries in all 50 states and establish a consistent sign-in process across the district. The goal is simply to enhance the safety and security of both students and staff by limiting access to those who pose a potential threat.

What is the Raptor system?
Raptor is a visitor registration system that enhances school security by reading a visitor’s drivers license, comparing information to a sex offender database, alerting school administrators if a match is found, then (assuming no match was made) printing a visitor badge that includes a photo.

How does it work?
Driver’s license information is compared to a database that consists of registered sex offenders from all 50 states.  If a match is found, school administrators and law enforcement personnel can take appropriate steps to keep the school safe.

Why is Waukee Community School District using this system?
Safety of our students is our highest priority.  Raptor will provide a consistent system to track visitors and volunteers while keeping away people who present a danger to students and staff members.  The system quickly prints visitor badges that include a photo, the name of the visitor, time and date.

What happens if I forget my ID?
A first time visitor who does not have a valid ID may be entered manually, no more than twice, with the building principal’s authorization.

Do children need a state ID?
Children who do not have a valid ID may be allowed to visit as long as an adult who has completed the check-in process accompanies them.

What other information is the school taking from driver’s licenses?
Raptor is only scanning the visitor’s name, date of birth and photo for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders.  Additional visitor data will not be gathered and no data will be shared with any outside company or organization.

Will Waukee Community School District employees also have to be scanned?
Waukee Community School District employees who do not have an employee badge visible must be scanned and wear the Raptor badge. Substitute teachers will be scanned at all times.

Will volunteers have to be scanned into the Raptor system?
Volunteers must follow the same procedures as any visitor.  Identity must be verified with an acceptable form of identification (i.e. drivers license or state I.D.).

Will contractors, subcontractors and vendors be scanned into the Raptor system?
Contractors, subcontractors and vendors must be scanned the same as any visitor.  If identity cannot be verified through an acceptable form of identification, they are not allowed on district property.  Acceptable forms of identification include drivers license, state I.D., U.S. military I.D., or passport.

Does the district have the right to require visitors, even parents, to produce identification before entering the building?
Yes.  The district needs to be sure of who is in our buildings, why they are there and particularly if a student is involved (e.g., early pickup) – be able to confirm that an individual has the authority to have access to the student.  We can only do this by knowing exactly with whom we are dealing.

What about grandparents who want to have lunch with their grandchild presenting a passport or drivers license from foreign countries such as Canada or England?
These visitors will be checked against the student’s enrollment form to see if they have parental permission to have access to the student. The individual may present a permission slip signed by the parent to have access to the student. If the individual is approved, they may be manually entered into the system and granted access to the student.

Will the district scan police officers, firemen and other uniformed or similar governmental officials into the system?
Law enforcement and other first responders will bypass the sign-in process if responding to an emergency.  If there is not an emergency, law enforcement will be checked in and will be asked to show credentials.

Does the district have to give listed sexual offenders and predators access to the school?
Generally speaking, unless the individual is wanted by the police, as long as they have a legitimate reason to be in the building (e.g., visiting a legal dependent) the district cannot give a blanket “no.”  However, such individuals will only be given limited access and will be accompanied at all times by an adult representative of the school.

Will the district be using Raptor for after-school activities?
No. The Raptor visitor management system will only be used during school hours.

Are other school districts using this system?
Yes. Ankeny, Indianola, Johnston and several other districts are using this system.

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