Keeping the Community Informed

In an effort to keep students, staff, parents, and the entire community aware of how COVID-19 is impacting our district, we plan to share as much information as possible, while protecting the privacy of those affected. Please know that these efforts will be a work in progress and our district will make adjustments and improvements.

The information below is current numbers as of the timestamp below of anyone who is currently in isolation (positive case). The dashboard is updated weekly on Friday, as new cases are confirmed with Dallas County Public Health.

The dashboard is to provide current positive cases per building (either ‘0’, ‘1 to 5’, or the actual number if 6 and above).

Waukee CSD’s COVID-19 Status Update


Updated 5/27/2022

Student(s) and Staff in isolation (currently positive) for COVID-19 in our buildings

Brookview Elementary
Eason Elementary
Grant Ragan Elementary
Maple Grove Elementary
Radiant Elementary
Shuler Elementary
Walnut Hills Elementary
Waukee Elementary
Woodland Hills Elementary
South Middle School
Waukee Middle School
Prairieview School
Timberline School
Waukee High School
Northwest High School
Vince Meyer Learning Center
Total Students
Total Staff 
Total Cumulative staff and students since August 25, 2021, updated weekly on Friday.

(last updated 5/27/2022)


* Disclaimer: The information set forth above is for informational purposes only. This information is based on reports to the District from other sources which have not been independently verified. The dashboard will be updated daily, as new cases are confirmed with our building nurses and Dallas County Public Health.


*This chart reflects all illnesses, not just COVID-19. Iowa Department of Public Health Illness Reporting

*Illness rates for Vince Meyer Early Learning Center are provided for informational purposes only. IDPH no longer collects this data from facilities that only serve preschool students.

School Nurse Protocol for COVID-19 Symptoms

 If your child should test positive for COVID 19, please notify your student’s principal or school nurse right away. For questions, you are directed to contact your health care provider or Dallas County Public Health at 515-993-3750.