Brookview Elementary


The Brookview Elementary team is comprised of teachers, associates, and support staff who are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students emotionally, socially, and academically. We strive to provide a positive learning environment, implement best practices, and continually learn from each other in our Professional Learning Community. Our team is engaged in ongoing professional development both in the building and across the district in order to continue and improve our instructional practices as work to optimize individual learning.

Brookview Elementary School Transportation: Durham School Services
8000 EP True Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266 General Manager
Phone: 515-987-5166 Phone: 515-987-2788
Fax: 515-225-4578
Live Y’ers: Joelle Kleihauer
Attendance Line: 515-987-2744 Phone: 515-987-9996
Name Email Extension Blog
Leadership Team
Principal – Stephanie Angelino 2024 Blog
Assistant Principal – Anna Taggart 2512
Instructional Coach – Kathy Liston 7115 Blog
Instructional Mentor – Frances Beavers 6129
Guidance Counselor – Jodi Simons 7209 Blog
Guidance Counselor – Erin Peek 2045 Blog
Office Staff
Principal’s Secretary – Marlys Fogt 7501
Lunch Clerk – Chris Kamm 7508
School Nurse – Cecily Decklever 2622
Jennifer Johnson 7313 Blog
Barb Mullenbach 7311 Blog
Sara Schrodt 7309 Blog
Linda Warman 7307 Blog
Kate Virgil 2510 Blog
First Grade
Cari Bergman 7217 Blog
Traci Bryant 7215 Blog
Nelie Glenn-Allen 7214 Blog
Erica Schnedler 7216 Blog
Paige Schmit 7216 Blog
Second Grade
Sarai Dodge 2014 Blog
Becky Schultz 7208 Blog
Kristen Seiler 7210 Blog
Megan Traetow 7212 Blog
Natalie Franke 2101 Blog
Third Grade
Ginger Akason 7207 Blog
Laticia Joens 2475 Blog
Stephanie Gerlitz 2262 Blog
Jordyn Glienke 2571 Blog
Lisa Whitaker 2063 Blog
Fourth Grade
Mallory Bogenreif 2458 Blog
Sheryl Carter 2091 Blog
Jackie Fioritto 2558 Blog
Stephanie Jorgensen 7410 Blog
James Montgomery 2489 Blog
Fifth Grade
Jennifer Eddy 2098 Blog
Megan Madden 7414 Blog
Amanda Pals 5304 Blog
Jacob Schmudlach 2494 Blog
Special Education
Denise Brekke 7408 Blog
Sarah Moses 7511 Blog
Kris Powell 2318 Blog
Krystal Kron 2203 Blog
Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Sara Winn 2819 Blog
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Janeal Lyons 2486 Blog
Daniel Chapman 2553 Blog
Kristina Frederickson 2568 Blog
Esther Paine 2841 Blog
Related Arts
Art – Amanda Olberding 2158 Blog
Computers – Johnnie Tysklind 2285 Blog
Library – Carrie Foell 7506 Blog
Music -Amanda Lauritsen 2533
Music – Ann Swenson 7316 Blog
Band – Jordan Russell 2596 Blog
Physical Education – Joe Burch  7101 Blog
Physical Education – Jamie Seiler 7101 Blog


560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701