Eason Elementary


The Eason Elementary team is comprised of teachers, associates, and support staff who are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students emotionally, socially, and academically. We strive to provide a positive learning environment, implement best practices, and continually learn from each other in our Professional Learning Community. Our team is engaged in ongoing professional development both in the building and across the district in order to continue and improve our instructional practices as work to optimize individual learning.

Eason Elementary School Transportation: Durham School Services
605 SE Boone Drive, Waukee, IA 50263 General Manager
Phone: 515-987-5200 Phone: 515-987-2788
Fax: 515-987-2707
Live Y’ers: Joelle Kleihauer
Attendance Line: 515-987-2765 Phone: 515-987-9996


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Leadership Team
Principal – Clint Prohaska cprohaska@waukeeschools.org 2128 Blog
Assistant Principal – Elizabeth Griesel egriesel@waukeeschools.org 2850
Instructional Coach – Laura Curtis lcurtis@waukeeschools.org 5115 Blog
Guidance Counselor – Brett Whittle bwhittle@waukeeschools.org 2334 Blog
Guidance Counselor – Emily Luymes eluymes@waukeeschools.org 5110 Blog
Office Staff
Secretary – Ashlee Sharp asharp@waukeeschools.org 5505
Lunch Clerk – Kris Hulsing khulsing@waukeeschools.org 5120
Health Associate –┬áLaura McNatt lmcnatt@waukeeschools.org 5122 Blog
Kindergarten Blog
Chris Brown cbrown@waukeeschools.org 5407 Blog
Lindsay Grosse lgrosse@waukeeschools.org 5401 Blog
Rebecca Rogers rrogers@waukeeschools.org 5405 Blog
Ashleigh Wright awright@waukeeschools.org 2245 Blog
First Grade Blog
Darcey Reynolds dreynolds@waukeeschools.org 2675 Blog
Patti Johnson pjohnson@waukeeschools.org 5203 Blog
Michelle Schumacher mschumacher@waukeeschools.org 2136 Blog
Annie Schweitzberger aschweitzberger@waukeeschools.org 5206 Blog
Second Grade Blog
Rebecca Eighmy reighmy@waukeeschools.org 5205 Blog
Deb McDermott dmcdermott@waukeeschools.org 5211 Blog
Megan Umphress mumphress@waukeeschools.org 5206 Blog
Heather Weiss hweiss@waukeeschools.org 5212 Blog
Third Grade Blog
Kim Harkness kharkness@waukeeschools.org 5208 Blog
Megan Johnston mjohnston@waukeeschools.org 5202 Blog
Sarah Volkens svolkens@waukeeschools.org 2067 Blog
Debbie Wiley dwiley@waukeeschools.org 5303 Blog
Fourth Grade Blog
Mandi Burkley aburkley@waukeeschools.org 5307 Blog
Kaitlin Alvine kalvine@waukeeschools.org 2120 Blog
Jennifer Wilkerson jwilkerson@waukeeschools.org 2385 Blog
Darcy Nidey dnidey@waukeeschools.org 5308 Blog
Laura Olson lolson1@waukeeschools.org 2148 Blog
Fifth Grade Blog
Katie Block kblock1@waukeeschools.org 5311 Blog
Ashley Ohmstede aohmstede@waukeeschools.org 6335 Blog
Abby Schmitz aschmitz@waukeeschools.org 5305 Blog
Faith Shellabarger fshellabarger@waukeeschools.org 2236 Blog
Special Education Blog
Carmen Alexander calexander@waukeeschools.org 5400 Blog
Reuben Wenell rwenell@waukeeschools.org 2547
Jessica Terpstra jterpstra@waukeeschools.org 5402 Blog
Charmaine Larwick clarwick@waukeeschools.org 2299 Blog
Sandra Schatzberg sschatzberg@waukeeschools.org 2519 Blog
Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Megan Tuttle mtuttle@waukeeschools.org 2609 Blog
Related Arts
Art –┬áMonica Donham mdonham@waukeeschools.org 2437 Blog
Computers – Beau Barrett bbarrett@waukeeschools.org 2069 Blog
Library -Theresa Forret tforret@waukeeschools.org 5111 Blog
Music – Jenn Senne jsenne@waukeeschools.org 5103 Blog
Music – Kathy Seiberling kseiberling@waukeeschools.org 2324 Blog
Band – Rebecca Meyer rmeyer@waukeeschools.org 7100 Blog
Physical Education -McKelle Moon mmoon@waukeeschools.org 2306 Blog
Physical Education – Derek Roberts droberts2@waukeeschools.org 2397 Blog


560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701