Maple Grove Elementary


The Maple Grove Elementary team is comprised of teachers, associates, and support staff who are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students emotionally, socially, and academically. We strive to provide a positive learning environment, implement best practices, and continually learn from each other in our Professional Learning Community. Our team is engaged in ongoing professional development both in the building and across the district in order to continue and improve our instructional practices as work to optimize individual learning.

Maple Grove Elementary School Transportation– Durham School Services
1455 98th Street, West Des Moines, IA 50266 General Manager
Phone: 515-987-3363 Phone: 515-987-2788
Fax: 515-987-3903
Beyond the Bell: Michelle Holmes
Attendance Line: 515-987-2748 Phone: 515-987-2778
Cell: 515-314-5825


Name Email Extension Blog
Leadership Team
Principal – Kimberly Tierney 2110 Blog
Assistant Principal -Elizabeth Griesel 2850
Instructional Coach – Leslie Perrigo 6165 Blog
Instructional Mentor – Kristin Grotewold 6129 Blog
Guidance Counselor – Brett Whittle 2278 Blog
Guidance Counselor – Jennifer Neal 6024 Blog
Office Staff
Secretary – Carla Lane 6100
Nurse – Lisa Spears 6106 Blog
Nikki Alexander  2086 Blog
Jessica Winters 2591
Kristen Craig 6153 Blog
Jennifer Gabrielson 6151 Blog
Kendra Ziemke 2289 Blog
Rachel Parenza 6152 Blog
Jordan Wolf 2426 Blog
Jennifer Burns 2857
First Grade
Joanna Holmes 2135 Blog
Desiree Miller 6113 Blog
Lindsay Ollenburg 2146 Blog
Tatansha Turner 2068 Blog
Jill Folsom 6150 Blog
Second Grade
Shannon White 2064 Blog
Melissa Eadon 2828 Blog
Carly Stahn 2413 Blog
Kelli VanMeter 6124 Blog
Sara Weatherall 6115 Blog
Third Grade
Allison Flack 6346 Blog
Meggan Jones 6135 Blog
Emily Loeffelholz 6352 Blog
Stacey Roberts 2051 Blog
Alice Hahn 2025 Blog
Fourth Grade
Alissa Beisner 2551 Blog
Niki Hakes 2290 Blog
Abbie Wynja 2435 Blog
Leah Zurborg 2266 Blog
Kristi Rumph 6772 Blog
Fifth Grade
Jason Lawry 2373 Blog
Jill Godfredsen 6735 Blog
Bethany Scheetz 2423 Blog
Breanna Bergstrom 2552 Blog
Jacqueline Inbody 7413 Blog
Special Education
Kjersten Koenigs 6134 Blog
Katelyn Williams 2242 Blog
Natalie Ingram 2156 Blog
Lisa Lentell 6357 Blog
Krisa Lewis 2485
Rona McMurphy 6546
Amy Manning 5406 Blog
Mychele Herring 6601 Blog
Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Frankie De Mouth 6131 Blog
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Abby Teigland 6534 Blog
Katrina Graen 6528 Blog
Related Arts
Art – Meggan Bebout 6119 Blog
Computers – Carrie Dirksen 6143 Blog
Library – Jennifer O’Connor 2636
Music – Amanda Lauritsen 2533 Blog
Music – Susan Helling 2534 Blog
Band – Rebecca Meyer 7100 Blog
Physical Education – Joseph Burch 2244 Blog
Physical Education – Casey Barclay 2550 Blog


560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701