South Middle School

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles:

  1. Differentiation of instruction is necessary in order for students to grow and progress.
  2. Behavior is not included in the proficiency indicator and will be reported separately.
  3. Extra credit will not be given at any time.
  4. Retakes and Revisions will be allowed at teacher discretion. Students will be allowed multiple opportunities to show mastery in various ways.
  5. Teachers will determine proficiency by considering multiple points of data using the most recent data and provide evidence to support their determination.
  6. Independent practice will be meaningful, purposeful, of high quality and aligned with objectives. Students will have multiple opportunities for practice before the objectives are assessed for a proficiency score.
  7. Students are expected to complete all assigned work. Teachers will allow students opportunities to complete work with no consequence to the proficiency indicator.

Standards-based progress reports will be used to document ongoing progress and proficiency levels of standards specific for each class in 6th grade.

  • Exceeds Expectations – Student demonstrates above grade level understanding for the targeted skill or concept.
  • Secure – Student can apply the skill or concept correctly and independently.
  • Developing – Student shows some understanding. Reminders, hints, and suggestions are needed to promote understanding to become secure.
  • Beginning – Student shows little understanding of the concept.  Additional teacher support is needed to become secure.
  • N: Needs Continuous Teacher Support – Student does not show any understanding of the concept or skill. Full teacher support is needed.
  • ID: Insufficient Data
  • –: Not Assessed – The standard was not assessed during the reporting term.

 For classes in which students earn high school credit (i.e. Algebra), teachers will use standard based reporting practices and traditional letter grades for end of semesters. For summative assessments, projects, etc., the following grading scale will be used:

  • A+ (+98% and above)
  • A (93%-97%)
  • A- (90%-92%)
  • B+ (87%-89%)
  • B (83%-86%)
  • B- (80%-82%)
  • C+ (77%-79%)
  • C (73%-76%)
  • C- (70%-72%)
  • D+ (67%-69%)
  • D (63%-66%)
  • D- (60%-62%)
  • F (59% and below)
  • I (Incomplete)
  • P (Passing)

High School Credit Courses in Middle School

Waukee Board policy states:

For the students who complete high school level I courses or higher in the 8th grade or below, a pass/fail (70%) grade will be awarded and will count towards fulfillment of the high school department requirement.  (The 70% refers to the score at the end of the year.)

This means students will receive a grade on his or her progress report at Waukee Middle School or South Middle School; however, only a pass/fail will be recorded on his or her permanent high school transcript.  Likewise, within this policy, your child will receive a high school credit toward graduation.

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