Waukee Middle School


Our Waukee Middle School team is made up of a variety of professionals, committed to continuous improvement. Our team collaborates to serve students and families, embracing our district’ mission and vision. Our important professional work centers on our district’s three guiding questions:

  • What do we want students to learn?
  • How will we know they have learned?
  • What will we do if they don’t know or have already learned it?

Our team values communication and collaboration. Please feel free to contact us!

Waukee Middle School Transportation: Durham School Services
905 Warrior Lane, Waukee, Iowa 50263 General Manager
Phone: 515-987-5177 Phone: 515-987-2788
Fax: 515-987-2741
7th-9th Grade Activities Director
Attendance Line: 515-987-2787 Todd Schneiter
Phone: 515-987-2770 x8353


Name Email Extension Blog
Leadership Team
Principal Adam Shockey 3305 Blog
Assistant Principal Susan Anderson 2541 Blog
Instructional Coach Susan Hope 3435 Blog
Student Services
Counselor (7th grade) Trudy Vande Kamp 3434 Blog
Counselor (6th grade) Kristen Walker 3433 Blog
Student Services Specialist Jessica Dopheide 2827
Extended Learning Program Susan Wouters 3300 Blog
English Language Learners Melissa Coulter
Math and Literacy Interventionist Molly Boyle 7204 Blog
Literacy Interventionist Cass Zorn 3101 Blog
Math Interventionist Stephanie Raiche 2042 Blog
7th Grade Study Hall Sara Skinner 2412
6th Grade Study Hall Cherie Rau 2443
Office Staff
Principal’s Secretary Jeane Keplinger 3405
Student Services Secretary Debbie Tallerico 3420
Nurse Jo Hromatka 3425
School Resource Office Mackenzie Sposeto
Lunch Clerk mslunch@waukeeschools.org
6th Grade- Gold
Language Arts Melissa Nusbaum 2386 Blog
Language Arts Laura Martin 3316 Blog
Math Kelly Linde 3320 Blog
Science Jami Lenz 2518 Blog
Social Studies Mark Anderson 3130 Blog
6th Grade- Purple Blog
Language Arts Erin Meeker 2303 Blog
Language Arts Amy Quam 3103 Blog
Language Arts Steve Stanley 2689
Math Matt Reinhold 3113 Blog
Math/Science Ryan Fincel 2475 Blog
Science Lucas Jacobs 2292 Blog
Social Studies Ben Holthaus 3301 Blog
6th Grade Silver
Language Arts Brooke Kahler 3228 Blog
Language Arts Angie Jones Blog
Math Allie Gaal 2516 Blog
Science Anna Hawkins 3227 Blog
Social Studies Jill Bright 3204 Blog
7th Grade- Gold Blog
Language Arts Terry Nielsen 2521 Blog
Language Arts Josh Maxwell 3207 Blog
Science Abby Friedrichsen 6747 Blog
Social Studies Alex Raiche 2048 Blog
Math Sarah Hohenadel 2028 Blog
7th Grade- Purple Blog
Language Arts Niky Joniak 3110 Blog
Language Arts Dana Rehder 2394 Blog
Mathematics Keri Mendenhall 3221 Blog
Science Nancy Schroeder 3106 Blog
Social Studies Christine Schaefer 2678 Blog
7th Grade- Silver Blog
Language Arts Andrea Baldwin 3109 Blog
Language Arts Stephanie Jansa 2050 Blog
Math Alissa Bornhoft 2076 Blog
Science Kathy Fuller 2197 Blog
Social Studies Joel Jones 2157 Blog
Related Arts
Art Brenda Doud 6333 Blog
Art Andrea Johnson
Leadership/Communications Rebecca Goerend 2022 Blog
Family & Consumer Science, Leadership Juliet Bell 2070 Blog
Health Kelli Hales 2230 Blog
Health/PE Travis French Blog
Health/PE Theron Stewart Blog
Engineering Communications Steve Nepp 3111 Blog
Instrumental Music Mary Crandell 3462 Blog
Instrumental Music Deb Dunn 3461 Blog
Physical Education Don Campbell 3455 Blog
Physical Education Heidi Morse 2072 Blog
Spanish/Leadership Jennifer Holeman 2355 Blog
Speech & Drama Sarah Schaefer 3480 Blog
Speech & Drama Chandra Snicker 2496 Blog
Teacher Librarian Kelly Reinhold 3440 Blog
Vocal Music Michelle Anthoney 3452 Blog
Vocal Music Shelly Schaeufele 3451 Blog
World Language/German Michele Brandenburg 2115 Blog
Special Education
Lezlee Ferrel 3312 Blog
Sara Berryman 3112 Blog
Annie Abels
Amanda Sczygelski
Amanda Achenbach
Theron Vanderflute
Madison Hansen 2480
Paige Wies 2400 Blog


560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701