New to Waukee – Initial License

Beliefs and Goals
We believe that schools are learning communities where all learn continuously. A Professional Growth Model should enable teachers to mature professionally and allow their experience and expertise to benefit their peers, the students, and the system, as evidenced by increased student achievement.

The District’s goal is to induct beginning teachers in such a way that they become reflective practitioners who effectively create a caring community within their classrooms.  This goal is achieved through Induction and Mentoring, Training and Development, and the Iowa Professional Growth Model.

Induction and Mentoring
We believe that frontloading our focus on developing the quality of initial licensed teachers is an investment that will result in increased achievement for all students and reduce stress on the part of initial licensed teachers.  The Induction and Mentoring program pairs the beginning teacher with an experienced teacher.  This experienced teacher is a trained mentor who is committed to the success of the initial licensed teacher.

The teacher will receive a copy of Charlotte Danielson’s book, Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching (2nd edition).  The framework is organized into four domains and subdivided into 22 components.  The teacher should become familiar with the Danielson framework and how it relates to the Iowa Teaching Standards (see crosswalk in Appendix B).  The mentor will model as well as guide the new teacher through the Framework.

The teacher will meet informally with his/her principal and mentor at least once each semester to discuss the teacher’s professional growth, review lesson plans, review student achievement and progress towards benchmarks, and identify any area where support is needed.

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