If you are wanting to file a formal complaint, please go directly to your school and visit with an administrator or contact the Central Administration Office located at 560 SE University in Waukee.

Thank you for putting forth the effort to stop bullying at your school.

Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy

Anti-Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form

Student Assistance

One resource we want to make all families aware of is Employee & Family Resources (EFR) and their Student Assistance Program (SAP). SAP is available to students and their family members with support through in-person counseling, telephone counseling and support, as well as written and online resources. If you’re struggling with a recent family tragedy, a changing family dynamics or any other worry that overshadows your day-to-day activities, the EFR staff is there to offer caring, confidential assistance for you and your family members if you need to talk or get support or information any time of the day or night. Please let them know if there is something we can do to help by calling 800-327-4692. Below is a summary of benefits for their SAP.

Get Involved and Help Stop Bullying

In the fall of 2006, the family of Rachel Scott lead an assembly at Waukee High School. Rachel was the first student killed at Columbine, although she spent much of her life striving to reach out to others who were new, troubled, or lonely. She wanted to start a chain reaction of kindness. As a result of the assembly, a group at Waukee High School started RAK, which stands for Rachel’s Ambassador Klub and Random Acts of Kindness. While members of the group did, and continue to, assist with new students, the group focuses on serving our school, community, and world. RAK meets each Thursday morning; students find various ways to reach out to others, works to serve and lead school-wide efforts to serve, and work to keep the focus on starting a chain reaction of kindness, remembering that the most important thing we do here is treat each other with kindness and respect. RAK averages about 70 students per meeting and has seen continued growth over the years.

Recently RAK created a video in an effort to educate our students and community about the dangers of bullying. It’s important that we do the right thing and educate ourselves on how children are interacting with each other via social media.

The most important thing we can do is treat each other with respect.
Check this video out.

Resources for Parents

The Waukee school counselors are developing a collection of resources for bullying prevention. The following resources were shared with Waukee from Heartland AEA 11. As we continue to build and refine our practices around bullying prevention, we will clarify and add to these resources for you to access.

Bullying Is…(English)

Bullying is…(Spanish)

Bullying is…(Bosnian)

Bullying Resources for Parents and Families

What a School Official Cannot Tell You

Cyber bullying Action Steps

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