Your child is entering a school district that prides itself on being student-centered and committed to partnering with parents to ensure a positive school experience for everyone. Kindergarten is their first real experience with responsibility, leadership, and relationships.

We encourage all parents to get involved, volunteer, and communicate with teachers. We hope you enjoy being a part of their experience.

In kindergarten, the students discover reading, math, language arts, science, and social skills. They also learn how to get along with others and participate in electives such as art, music, and physical education. Kindergarteners also experience media, technology, and recess as well.


Jan. 3, 2024:
Begin submitting required paper documents to the District Office.

Late March:
The online enrollment portal opens. An email with directions on completing the online enrollment process is sent to the first e-mail address listed on the cover sheet.

    • If you have a currently enrolled child at the Vince Meyer Early Learning Center, you do not need to register for kindergarten. Your child will be part of the returning student registration process for all currently enrolled students who are planning to return for the following school year. You may submit any required medical documents to Vince Meyer. These items are due to your child’s school nurse within 60 days of the start of school (i.e., October 23). The required kindergarten forms are a physical that includes a blood lead test, updated immunization certificate, dental screening form, and vision screening form.

Beyond the Bell Child and YMCA child care registration opens.

Free/reduced meals: Students and families needing assistance to pay for school meals are encouraged to complete a Meal Eligibility application. Meal eligibility applications must be completed yearly. A new application will open in late July 2024 or early August 2024.

Student fee waivers: Wanting to reduce or waive fees? A waiver must be completed annually. A current-year meal eligibility application must be completed before fees may be adjusted. Watch your email for notifications and information on how to complete this fee waiver.

Intro to Kindergarten Nights

All elementary buildings will host an Intro to Kindergarten night in the weeks or months before the start of the school year. This event is an opportunity for parents/guardians to receive school information while incoming kindergarteners do an activity. It also provides a chance to meet other kindergarten families! You’ll get more information about the dates and times of these events before the school year begins. Keep an eye on your school’s social media page for more information.

2024 Kindergarten Nights Information

Required Items

If you have a child who will be five years of age on or before September 15 of the enrolling school year, please plan to begin the enrollment process in January by turning in the required documents (cover sheethome language survey, most recent immunization record, and proof of residency) to the Waukee Community School District Office, 560 SE University Ave., Waukee, IA 50263.

All required documents may be attached to an email or dropped off in person. If emailing and attaching, please scan documents (PDF) — no photos or images. There’s a black drop box in the parking lot at the District Administration Office if you prefer to drop papers off after hours.

In late March, an email will be sent to the email listed on the cover sheet with a code to complete the online portion of the enrollment process. If you submit your enrollment paperwork after March, you’ll receive that code in your email roughly 48 hours later.

Required Medical Paperwork

You may also submit any required medical documents with the rest of your paperwork. If you don’t have those ready, please submit them to your child’s school nurse within 60 days of the start of school (i.e., October 23). Please note, the most recent immunization record is a required item for an initial kindergarten enrollment. Kindergarten parents are asked to turn in a physical that includes a blood lead test, updated immunization certificate, dental screening form, and vision screening form.

Please review the additional information below.

  • Online Directions and Registration Cover Sheet
  • Proof of Residency – Students must be residents of the Waukee Community School District or file the appropriate paperwork.
    • Homeowner: a copy of your most recently paid property tax bill, copy of recent mortgage statement, or printout from the Dallas County Assessor’s Site.
    • Renting: a copy of your signed lease agreement.
    • If you have made an offer on a home: a copy of the purchase agreement as well as a completed Permission to Enroll Out of District Students Application. If you have recently closed on a home: a copy of the settlement statement.
  • Home Language Survey
  • Certificate of most recent immunization record to be completed by the Physician or Medical Immunization Exemption Form to be signed by the Physician or Religious Immunization Exemption Form to be notarized

Under Iowa law, you have up to 60 days after your child has started school to turn in the following items.