How will we know they have learned it?

Our teachers are working hard to use assessment as a way to know what students know and to design lessons based on where the next learning point is for students.

Overview of Assessment

Iowa School Performance Profiles

Statewide proficiency rates were lower in 2019, as expected because students took a new, more challenging state test. However, there was not a significant impact on school scores and ratings in the Iowa School Performance Profiles. Fewer Iowa schools were identified for Targeted Support and Improvement. This is because many schools that were Targeted based on 2017-18 performance improved in the following year. In addition, there was not a significant shift in the overall distribution of schools by rating category, although the share of schools in the bottom three rating categories increased by about two percent.

Iowa School Performance Profiles

K-5 Progress Reporting & Student-Involved Conferences

Progress Report & Conference Guidance

Scoring Codes

Each indicator shows progress towards each specific learning target for each course.

EE: Exceeds: Student demonstrates an above-grade level understanding of the targeted skill or concept.
SC: Secure – Student can apply the skill or concept correctly and independently.
DV: Developing – Student shows some understanding. Reminders, hints, and suggestions are needed to promote understanding.
BG: Beginning – Student shows little understanding of the concept. Additional teacher support is needed.

6-12 Assessment & Scoring

The following explanations and definitions will assist students & parents in understanding the progress reporting system and beliefs for WCSD students in grades 6-12. Student achievement is individual progress toward goals, centered on developing academic, emotional, and social skills, which results in confidence to take risks for ongoing growth.

Guiding Principles

  • Responsive instruction and ongoing assessment are necessary for all learners to grow and progress
  • A body of evidence is used to determine proficiency.
  • Course grades accurately communicate only academic achievement of the standards.
  • Equitable practices and opportunities exist across all classrooms.


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