Exploring our secondary schools reveals another tool to empower student achievement: iJAG, which stands for Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates. This program is sustained by public and private backing, including financial contributions from the Iowa Legislature. Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates helps students build the skills they need to be successful in school, on the job, and in life.  Students learn character and self-development, communication and technology, self-advocacy and conflict resolution, and career readiness. The program is currently active in more than 150 Iowa schools.

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Course Information

Through the iJAG program, students can learn from employers to discover their interests and potential career pathways. It’s a multi-year program offering students work-based learning experiences through their senior year of high school and helps them find employment or further their education after graduation. The iJAG program allows students to connect with their community, build a personal understanding of their strengths and opportunities, and build a path toward personalized success. Programming is offered to students during the school day for elective credit. Students interested in registering for the course should talk with their assigned counselor.

iJAG Students at a conference

Learning experiences include:

  • Career Exploration
  • Field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Mentors
  • Volunteering

Service learning by making blanket at Timberline School

iJAG at Waukee CSD

The program arrived in the Waukee CSD during the 2021-22 school year. It operates in our secondary schools including Timberline, Prairieview, Northwest High School, and Waukee High School. Each year, the program serves 45-60 students in each building. Even after our students graduate, the iJAG program prides itself on helping students transition from school to adulthood by checking in with them monthly.

iJAG students learning about different careers