On this Waukee Community School District boundaries page, you can find information about our maps, feeder system, and forthcoming changes. If you have questions or want to confirm your address in our boundaries map, please contact our Enrollment Team at enrollment@waukeeschools.org or 515-987-2706.

Note: The feeder system and boundaries will change with the opening of Waterford Elementary (fall 2024) and North Middle School (fall 2025). Please review the information below carefully.


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Boundaries Map for Waukee CSD Elementary Schools Boundaries Map for Secondary Schools with Exceptions in Waukee CSD


Feeder Systems


Updates on Boundaries

Approved Dec. 4, 2023

The Waukee CSD School Board approved a new boundaries map to address issues such as overcrowding in some schools, planning for the opening of Waterford Elementary, and balancing student populations in our two feeders.

Throughout the process, the District focused on three main priorities:

  1. Create and maintain a feeder for our 6-8, 9, and 10-12 buildings with long-term sustainability
  2. Balance our elementary schools in terms of class size, anticipated enrollment, and student demographics
  3. Balance the NWHS/WHS feeders with the same considerations

As one of the largest—and fastest-growing—districts in the state, Waukee CSD took into consideration numerous factors to make this decision. Waukee CSD senior leadership worked with our demographers, RSP & Associates, to analyze forecasted development in the District, housing values, birth rates, and other projections. The overarching goal of these changes was to enhance the quality of education for our students and plan for the future of the District, while minimizing disruptions in the near future.

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