Waukee Community School District (Waukee CSD) welcomes visitors and encourages all parents and guardians to be an active part of their children’s educational experience. To ensure we are able to maintain a safe learning environment, Waukee CSD uses Visitor Aware. This is a visitor management software that screens all visitors entering the building with a background check. It provides an established and consistent sign-in process across the District.

How Visitor Aware Works

Visitors have the option to create a profile in advance or while visiting a building. If they aren’t creating a profile in advance, visitors will need to bring an ID. Once the profile is created, the software’s facial recognition identifies visitors. All visitors must also sign out at the office when leaving.

If you would like to create a profile before visiting a school, look for the Visitor Aware link on your building’s website or contact your building’s secretary. You can find links and contact information by clicking on your building’s page.

Students and visitors to the school are not allowed to take photos or videos unless they have permission from the staff or it fits under a policy exception (e.g. taking photos of performers at a public event).