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We Are Waukee

At Waukee Community School District, we inspire learners who feel valued, challenged, and prepared to embrace tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Waukee CSD Free Lunch Program Offers Fun Activities with Meal

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Ethan Mitchell Square

"Being involved is a blessing. I learn something from every community. I'm able to take that with me and it's part of who I am."

Ethan Mitchell, WHS Class of 2024
Involvements: APEX, iJag, School-to-Work, National Honor Society, speech & debate, football, internships, musical set design, and more
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Our graduates will be prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future success.

Our graduates will be prepared to navigate a complex, ever-changing global society and economy.

Our graduates will be prepared to be information literate through inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Our graduates will be prepared with essential health and wellness skills they can continue after graduation.

Our graduates will be prepared to successfully build personal and professional connections in their lives.

Our students will be prepared to succeed beyond high school by articulating and executing a plan.

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NW Mean Girls
WHS Beautification
NW Girls Golf
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Picnic and Play
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