As defined by 281 Iowa Administrative Code 12.2(256), an “at-risk student” means any identified student who needs additional support and who is not meeting or not expected to meet the established goals of the educational program (academic, personal/social, career/vocational). At-risk students include but are not limited to students in the following groups: homeless children and youth, dropouts, returning dropouts, and potential dropouts.

The Waukee Community School District will include in its comprehensive school improvement plan the following provisions for meeting the needs of at-risk students (281 Iowa Administrative Code 12.5(13)­:

  1. Valid and systematic procedures and criteria to identify at-risk students throughout the school district’s school-age population,
  2. Determination of appropriate ongoing educational strategies for alternative options education programs as required in Iowa Code of section 280.19A, and
  3. Review and evaluation of the effectiveness of provisions for at-risk students. This sub rule does not apply to accredited nonpublic schools.

The Waukee Community School District will use additional allowable growth for provisions for at-risk students and will incorporate educational program goals for at-risk students into its comprehensive school improvement plan. Provisions for at-risk students will align with the student learning goals and content standards established by the school district. The comprehensive school improvement plan shall also include objectives, activities, cooperative arrangements with other service agencies and service groups, and strategies for parental involvement to meet the needs of at-risk children.

At-Risk Handbook