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PowerSchool Parent/Student Login

Benefits of the PowerSchool Public Portal

Ensure Up-to-the-Minute Data

PowerSchool is a web-based student information system with a centralized database. This ensures that data is exchanged in real-time and as a result delivers the most current information available on a student. When teachers enter grades and attendance information for their class, that same data is immediately available to the school, district administration, parents, and students.

Increase Parental Involvement

With PowerSchool, parents/guardians can access vital information about their children quickly and accurately. They can see the results of tests and assignments as soon as they are recorded, enabling them to intervene quickly if necessary. Parents can check the latest homework assignments and offer their children help with their schoolwork. Day in and day out, PowerSchool helps parents help their children achieve their potential.

Using PowerSchool

There are a couple of ways that you can maneuver from one page to another. You can use the back arrow at the top left side of the page. You can always click on the logo in the upper left that will take you back to the first page – the summary of attendance and grades for your son or daughter. The third way is to click on an icon on the left side of the page, under your child’s name.

In the upper right of most pages in the black bar, you will see a Print Page icon that will allow you to print the page you are viewing.

Please make sure you log out when you are finished using PowerSchool.

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