Waukee Community School District’s 10-year Facility and Financial Plan was created to help map our future growth and development. It includes detailed plans to manage the District’s facility and infrastructure needs, financial health, and enrollment projections. We believe this plan is an intentional, strategic shift to a longer-term, systemic approach to facility planning.

Key Highlights:

  • Great things continue to happen in Waukee and that includes continued increases in enrollment.
  • Provides a map for new facilities as well as support for existing facilities through 10-year planning that also addresses finances, boundary work, and staffing.
  • Equity in infrastructure across our schools is a priority, as is the access of students to technology.
  • Based on current financial, enrollment projections this vision contains shifts in approaches of our maturing district.

Senate File 2368 Requirements

10-year Facility Plan Timeline


  • 2020 – Board presentation
  • 2020/21 – Timberline improvements
  • 2021 – Northwest High School; Brookview and Eason additions; Prairieview improvements, VLMC Preschool
  • 2022 – Sugar Creek Elementary
  • 2023 – Middle Level #5 (Trailridge); Natatorium
  • 2024 – WILC Addition; Elementary #11 (Waterford)
  • 2025 – Middle Level #6 (North Middle School)
  • TBD – Elementary #12

Facility Plan Progress

These projects will further enhance our already high standards for facilities and learning environments for staff, students, and families. The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. Please be careful and avoid construction areas. We ask that you follow all detour and/or traffic signage.

Building Updates

Waukee CSD Natatorium – New Construction

  • Project is approximately 95% complete
  • Scoreboard and timing system installation
  • Interior finishes continue
  • Working on punch lists

Waterford Elementary – New Construction

  • Project is approximately 84% complete
  • Interior finishes continue
  • Landscaping continues
  • Equipment startup

North Middle School – New Construction

  • Project is approximately 60% complete
  • Interior painting and ceiling grid installation continues
  • Interior Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing work throughout
  • Exterior materials installation continues

Waukee Innovation & Learning Center – Addition

  • Project is approximately 11% complete
  • Foundation installation is ongoing
  • Poured-in-place concrete wall construction continues

North Operations & Transportation Facility – New Construction

  • Project is approximately 3% complete
  • Demolition and site preparation continues
  • Utility Installation is ongoing

Waukee High School Auditorium – Addition

  • Contractor mobilizing the week of June 3
  • Site preparation will begin
  • Utility installation will begin

Waukee High School Utilities Relocation – Scheduled completion June 2024

WCSD PK-5 Security improvements – Scheduled completion August 2024

260th Street Paving Improvements – Scheduled completion September 2024

Summer Projects:

  • Brookview Parking Lot Improvements – Scheduled completion August 2024
  • Eason Bus Lane Improvements – Scheduled completion August 2024
  • Grant Ragan & Maple Grove Playground Improvements – Scheduled completion August 2024
  • Shuler Parking lot Improvements – Scheduled completion August 2024

Facility Plan Funding

The money passed in the Bond Referendums in 2020 and 2023 will be used to secure the funds to pay for the plan.

$180,000,000 GO Bond Referendum – Passed November 2023 at 70%

$205,000,000 GO Bond Referendum – Passed September 2020 at 88%