All of these databases have been sponsored by the Heartland AEA 11 and can be searched from school or home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please see your media specialist or computer instructor for the username and password.

  • Iowa AEA Online – Iowa AEA Online is a virtual library that provides no-cost access to 13 high-quality, web-based resources for accredited public and non-public PreK-12 schools.
  • Britannica Online – With the full contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica plus videos, images, websites, news, and magazines, Britannica Online is the go-to destination on the Web for accurate answers you can trust.
  • CultureGrams – CultureGrams Online Database is a leading reference for concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on countries across the globe.
  • Gale – Gale eResources offers screened and reliable content from magazines, newspapers, and reference materials.
  • NBC Learn – NBC Learn is a centrally managed video streaming subscription service, offering customers both scale and capacity. By leveraging a global caching infrastructure, NBC Learn replicates our video content across 61,000 servers in 70 countries, across nearly 1,000 regional networks.
  • Literary Reference Center™  is a comprehensive database that provides users with a broad spectrum of information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes.