Waukee Vocal Music Department

The Waukee Vocal Music Program provides instruction and opportunities for students to collaborate with peers, develop age appropriate vocal technique, and build music literacy skills through music inclusive of different historical periods and cultures. It is the goal of the Vocal Music Department to provide students with a comprehensive education full of experiences that promote life-long singing and appreciation.

The Waukee Community School District Music Program provides educational opportunities that allow students to demonstrate mastery of musical skills. Productivity, accountability, creativity, collaboration, self-expression, self-discipline and pride in excellence are necessary.

Music education is a discipline and a structured field of study with its own body of knowledge, skills, and way of thinking. It is historically significant and reflects the multicultural heritage of mankind. Music exalts the human spirit through its aesthetic values and enhances the quality of life. It involves a coexistence of behaviors that promote higher order thinking skills and life-long learning.


Vocal Music Course Standards, Benchmarks, Objectives (SBO) and Curriculum Review Process

In 2019, the Waukee Community School District vocal music team began work unpacking the National Coalition of Core Arts Standards. 2020 served as a complete pause due to the pandemic; work was completed by members of the Vocal Music Department in the 2021-22 school year.

The National Coalition of Core Arts Standards were revised in 2014, the first revision to national arts standards in 20 years. The NCCA is an umbrella organization that created standards for Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre; each of these sets of standards were adopted by the State of Iowa in 2017. The Waukee Vocal Music Department adopted the “Music: Traditional and Emerging Ensembles” strand. These standards divide the musical experience into four components: Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting.

The Vocal Music Department added three original objective strands to the Performing component to include language specific to the choral experience that was not specifically defined in the NCCA Standards; these objective strands were in relation to proper physical technique, real-time application of conductor direction, and sight-reading skills essential for a musically literate singer. Language was inspired by the National Association for Music Education Choral Literacies and Skills: Developmental Markers.

Vocal Music 5-12 Standards, Benchmarks, and Objectives


Music Repertoire Statement

Literature for each of our ensembles is carefully chosen. It is the belief of the WCSD Music Department that students are to be exposed to a wide variety of literature. The instructor determines music selection based upon availability, quality, educational value, and suitability for healthy vocal/instrumental development. It is not the intent of this department to persuade student views with opposing beliefs or ideas that a musical selection’s text or subject matter may present. Rather, we desire to familiarize students with a quality repertoire that will give them a better historical and global perspective as well as to make them conversant with musical aesthetics. It is our goal to give students a broad perspective of numerous composers and musical styles.

Vocal Music Courses

Waukee students receive a foundational music education through K-5 General Music. An elective choral program is offered to students beginning in 5th grade.


Elementary & Middle-Level (Grades 5-8) Courses


High School (Grades 9-12) Courses

2023-24 High School Vocal Music Handbook

This course is co-sponsored by the Band Department and open to any student with previous music ensemble experience.