The Community Transition Center (CTC) is a program for Waukee CSD students with disabilities who have completed their high school credits but need specially designed transitional instruction to meet post-secondary goals in living, learning, and working. Students in this program range from ages 18 to 21 and attend the Vince Meyer Learning Center. A student’s IEP (Individualized Education Program) team manages referrals to this program.

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Classroom & Job Experience

Students receive instruction in living, learning, and working skills in the classroom for half of their day. The other half, students head to job sites set up by their teachers. Each student, with the help of a job coach from school, participates in various unpaid work experiences. The goal of the work experience is for students to put the skills taught in the classroom into action in the work setting.

CTC student on a job site working with papers.

Living skills:

  • Social relationships & boundaries
  • Personal safety & self-advocacy
  • Meal planning & general household skills

Learning skills:

  • Money management
  • Functional reading
  • Communication by email

Working skills:

  • Communication
  • Self-determination & problem-solving
  • Responsibility



Student Spotlight

20-year-old Tucker Swanson is a student at the Career Transition Center. He and other Waukee CSD students go through rotations at the CTC and then head to different work sites on buses. Tucker experiences Corteva in Johnston as one of his job sites. During his work day, Tucker teams up with his job coach from school and Corteva staff members to do different tasks. His coworkers rave about his work and say they’d be thrilled to hire him after the school program.

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