Art Department Philosophy Statements

The Waukee Elementary Art classroom is a place where wonder and curiosity can flourish. It’s a place where students have a variety of opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings about their identity, their community, and the world beyond. They will have the freedom and comfort needed for growth and learning through imaginations, discoveries, experiments, critical thinking, failures, and problem-solving. They will be given our trust to make their own artistic decisions along the path of their own unique creative process. Finally, we believe in the importance of instilling a love and joy for art making.

The Waukee Secondary Art Department aspires for learners to be brave, independent, and driven by valuing relationships that nurture vulnerability and the potential for all humans to create.


Standards, Benchmarks, Objectives

The art curriculum team met during the 2013-14 school year to review the art standards, benchmarks, and objectives.  This team worked to further articulate the art curriculum, utilizing state and national standards, in an effort to meet the needs of all students. Curriculum will be reviewed next in the 2022-23 school year.


Elementary Courses

  • Kindergarten Art
  • 1st Grade Art
  • 2nd Grade Art
  • 3rd Grade Art
  • 4th Grade Art
  • 5th Grade Art


Middle Level (6th-9th Grade) Courses

  • 6th Grade Art
  • 7th Grade Art
  • 8th Grade Art
  • 9th Grade Basic Art I


High School (10th-12th Grade) Courses

  • Basic Art I
  • Basic Art II
  • 2D Mixed Media
  • Ceramics I-III
  • Digital Photography
  • Drawing I-III
  • Graphic Design I-II
  • Jewelry / Metalsmithing I-III
  • Painting I-III
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles I-II
  • AP 2D Design