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The Intro to Education program at Waukee CSD offers students the opportunity to earn dual college credits while exploring their passion for education.


Course Information

Students receive 5 credits from DMACC in addition to the credit awarded from Waukee CSD.

Intro to Education: DMACC EDU 210 Foundations of Education

  • Prerequisites: Application is made during registration
  • This class presents a broad view of the field of education including foundations of American education, roles of teachers, history and philosophy, and curriculum. As part of this class, students will complete a 35-hour clinical observation at another Waukee CSD school. Strong reading and writing skills are needed for this class.

Intro to Education Internship: DMACC EDU 218 Initial Field Experience

  • Prerequisites: Students must successfully complete the EDU 210 Foundations of Education class. Students must apply during registration and complete all paperwork by the determined deadline.
  • The internship provides opportunities for students to assist in a school as a teacher aide to assess their potential and interest in teaching as a career. As part of this class, students will complete an 80-hour clinical classroom observation and attend seminars with the instructor.


Student Spotlight

Intro to Ed StudentWhen Rachel Coon enrolled in the Intro to Education program at Waukee CSD, her career goal was to get her PhD and be a college professor. However, after spending time in a ninth-grade classroom as part of her clinical observation, she says the experience made her open to teaching middle school in the future.

“Working with ninth graders was eye-opening. It’s such a pivotal age, and middle school teachers have the ability to shape their future experiences. It’s really rewarding,” Rachel says. “Honestly, I’m looking into teaching sixth to eighth grade now.”

Rachel explains that Intro to Education covers teaching laws, such as confidentiality, as well as landmark court cases in education. Students in the course also interview a veteran teacher and create their own teaching philosophy. But the most valuable part was being part of a classroom and getting to know the kids.

“There are small wins and small joys every day,” Rachel says. “This really solidified my plans to go into teaching. I thought, ‘I want to do this every day.'”

Listen to the Talk the Wauk podcast to hear Rachel and two other students share their experiences in the Intro to Education program.


Intro to Education: Additional Information

Acceptance into the Intro to Education program is conditional upon:

  • Recommendations from three high school teachers.
  • A record of excellent attendance during the previous school year.
  • Available space in the student’s senior year schedule.


Students in the Intro to Education program must provide their own transportation and will need to wear workplace appropriate attire. Students must also pass a background check.


Contact Us:

Amanda Gaul, Introduction to Education Instructor