Seventh Grade Course Descriptions

Seventh Grade Required Year-Long Classes

This course is an introductory course that will lay the groundwork for student advancement into Algebra.  The following is a sampling of what this course will cover…

  • Rational and irrational numbers
  • Exponents
  • Proportional relationships
  • Expressions and equations
  • Beginning geometry and statistics
  • Pythagorean Theorem

This course is a high school credit class designed to prepare students for advanced studies in math.  Areas of study include investigating linear, rational, exponential, and quadratic equations using real numbers. Also included is graphing (both on a number line and in a coordinate plane), factoring, working with functions and probability, and statistics.  All areas of study will be connected to real-world problem-solving.

The student will: 

  •     Construct equations that describe numbers or relationships.
  •     Solve equations and inequalities.
  •     Apply the properties of exponents to rational exponents.
  •     Analyze and solve systems of linear equations.
  •     Represent and solve equations and inequalities graphically.
  •     Verify functions and apply function notation.
  •     Create and interpret functions to model relationships.
  •     Analyze functions using different representations.
  •     Build a function that models a relationship between two quantities.
  •     Construct and compare linear and exponential models and solve problems.
  •     Summarize, represent, and interpret linear and exponential models for data.
  •     Write expressions in equivalent forms to solve problems.

This course is designed for college-bound students who intend to enroll in Algebra II. This course is a high school credit course.  It uses both plane and spatial objects to accomplish a sound development of logic. Students are given frequent opportunities to use definitions, postulates and theorems to formulate proofs. A deep study of triangles and other polygons is included. A short time is spent on straightedge and compass constructions.

The student will:

  •     Use coordinate geometry to find midpoints and lengths of segments and slopes of lines
  •     Recognize and apply the postulates theorems, definitions and algebraic techniques to find segment length and angle measurements in congruent triangles, similar triangles and quadrilaterals
  •     Find measures of angles, arcs and segments involving circles
  •     Find the areas, circumferences and perimeters of various plane figures
  •     Organize theorems, postulates and definitions into logical sequential two-column proofs

Our 7th grade middle school language arts course utilizes the standards and benchmarks of the Iowa Core to develop essential reading, writing, language, speaking and listening skills. These standards and benchmarks will be achieved through exposure to various forms of literature and informational text infused within units of study. Students will be involved in active exploration of reading and writing through personal, authentic opportunities to explore vocabulary, conventions, and craft within the Iowa Core standards. This two period language arts course is differentiated through instruction that includes but is not limited to, increased rigor and appropriate pace for the learner.

Seventh grade science in Waukee exposes students to content and concepts from the four areas of the Science Iowa Core Curriculum: Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering, Technology and Applications of Science. Students will use inquiry, collaborative practices, and creative problem-solving as they interact with the following units: 

1) Force and Motion
2) Force and Motion Internship
3) Magnetic Fields
4) Geology on Mars
5) Earth, Moon, and Sun 
6) Microbiome
7) Metabolism 
8) Metabolism Internship
9) Traits & Reproduction. 

Students will explore each unit through the lens of a scientist and the natural phenomena that occur around them. In addition to science practices, students will interact with various scientific and engineering jobs.Concepts covered in the  units include: cause and effect, structure and function, patterns, scale/proportion/quantity, systems and systems models, energy and matter, stability and change.

In seventh grade, students will explore global perspectives on contemporary issues and worldwide interdependence. The interconnected world we live in today requires that Iowa students be well-educated about worldwide issues to cultivate diplomacy, effective citizenship, and global competitiveness. Students could examine challenges facing the world community such as hunger, population, conflict, global environmental challenges, human rights, poverty, energy scarcity, global health, education, immigration, globalization, and other political, economic, social, and ecological concerns.

In seventh grade, students will explore physical fitness and set goals for personal growth designed to expand their foundation for a physically active lifestyle, adjusting to enhance their personal fitness. Students will be provided an opportunity to safely and respectfully participate in multiple movement opportunities and experiences including fitness concepts, lifetime fitness activities, and team/individual sports. This course meets every other day.

Seventh Grade Required Semester Classes

Students will engage their creativity, observation, problem solving skills, and individuality through the process of planning, creating, and refining works of art.  Students will enhance their understanding of how to use art techniques to communicate an idea with their audience through paint, clay, digital art, sculpture, and drawing. 

Family and consumer sciences is an exploratory course introducing students to a variety of skills, research, and knowledge that help them to make informed decisions about their well being in order to achieve an optimal quality of life. The class practices these skills in areas including foods and cooking, textiles and sewing, child development, housing, design, and consumer financial choices.

This unit begins with “What is Engineering?”, where students learn the steps of the Design Process and how to use the Design Process to solve problems.  In “Measuring”, students practice using historical and current techniques for measuring in both metric and customary systems and are introduced to precision measuring tools. “Sketching and Dimensioning” teaches students to identify and create thumbnail, perspective, isometric, and orthographic sketches and to dimension them correctly. In “Designing for Production”, students use Autodesk® Inventor® to learn how to create 3D models on the computer. 

Seventh grade health focuses on helping students build the tools to make healthy lifestyle choices and how these choices impact them, their family, and their community. Units include Wellness and Goal Setting, Risky Behaviors and Influences, Mental and Emotional Health, Relationships and Decision Making, and a Student Interest Project.  

In 7th grade health, students will…

  • Comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health
  • Demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks
  • Demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting skills to enhance health
  • Demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health

This class will provide opportunities for performing in front of an audience and will be filled with acting and improvisation activities to help you develop your skills as a speaker and a performer.  This is the perfect class for students who feel nervous while presenting as well as for students who are interested in acting performance.

Seventh Grade Electives

Enrollment is this year-long elective course is open to all Waukee 7th Grade students. This course is a continuation of skills and techniques learned in 6th Grade Band. The course focuses on proper playing technique on a chosen band instrument, tone production, reading of music notation and symbols, music composition, and proper ensemble performance practice. Grades will be based on periodic performance assessments. These may include: scales, method book exercises, solo & ensemble literature, honor band audition material and concert music check-off. In addition to the regular band program, students will have the opportunity to participate in honor band and solo/ensemble contests. Students interested in participating in jazz band must be enrolled in this band course. 

This course is designed to help any 6th or 7th-grade student become successful with the basic skills needed to perform in a large-group Band ensemble. The objective of Band Basics is to help students gain enough skills to confidently perform in an ensemble with their grade-level peers. Students will engage in guided practice in the following areas:  instrument position and posture, embouchure (mouth formation), breath support, music notation, rhythmic notation and steady beat, and note-reading in correlation with fingering/slide position recall. This course is designed for students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • New to the Band experience and have not previously participated in a curricular Band
  • Switching to a new instrument from the one played in a previous year (particularly flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or euphonium)
  • Recommendation of 5th Grade Band or current instructor

NOTE: This course is viable with a minimum of 12 students enrolled. If projected enrollment is lower, students may be moved to 6th or 7th grade Band and will receive differentiated support through lessons.

Enrollment in this year-long elective course is open to all Waukee 7th grade students. Students will participate in a choral ensemble in which they will be learning techniques appropriate for the middle level learner. Students will have the opportunity to sing a variety of choral literature during the school year, and will be involved in two formal performances in which they will celebrate their skills and talents with the community. Students enrolled in curricular 7th grade choir are eligible to participate in additional co-curricular activities outside of the school day, such as show choir and honor choir(s); these opportunities may require an audition.

German Exploratory is a semester elective course in which students explore the German language and culture through storytelling, hands-on activities, and interactive experiences. Students learn to understand basic German vocabulary and phrases through the context of actions and stories, and also practice conversational phrases that allow them to communicate with other German speakers. Learning is applied by creating stories and skits in the German language.  Students also explore some of the history, geography, and culture of the German-speaking countries. 

This semester elective course is intended to explore the Spanish language and begin to build a foundation for future Spanish language goals. Students will begin to develop their knowledge of vocabulary and the proper pronunciation of the target language. Spanish is also taught by listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The course will introduce a variety of themes ranging from greetings and introductions to numbers, colors, and school supplies, as well as a variety of stories with embedded vocabulary that will allow students to not only learn the vocabulary, but also how it can be used to communicate.