Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX)

Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX) offers work-based learning for students by partnering with businesses in the community to provide students with professional opportunities through value-added projects and instruction.
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Introduction to Education (Teacher Internship)

The Introduction to Education program offers classes with dual college credit for students interested in pursuing a career in Education. Grade level and application requirements differ based on the course.
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ProStart Culinary Program

ProStart is a two-year educational program supported by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation in partnership with the Iowa Restaurant Association Education Foundation. This career-building program blends classroom learning with mentored work experience to teach high school students the management and culinary skills needed for a career in the restaurant and food service industry.
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School-to-Work Internship

School-to-Work (STW) is an internship program for seniors that places emphasis on professional skills and adding value to our business partners. Students work exclusively at one employer. In the fall, students prepare by taking a career development course and work at the employer for two blocks per day during the spring semester.
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Of this year’s 2021 graduating class:

    • 63% participated in at least one APEX course
    • 12% participated in School-to-Work
      • 67% of the 2021 School-to-Work roster also participated in APEX
    • 4% participated in Introduction to Education
    • 4% participated in ProStart
    • 8% participated in Intro to Construction
    • 74% participated in at least one Work-Based Learning Program


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